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Old 11-07-02, 09:48 AM   #73
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Default saturnotaku,is this the right place I put my questions?

I found that if enabled DirectDraw in DirectX 8.1
I got the flickering in screen. It seems there are some conficts between DirectX's DirectDraw and the 40.72 NvDriver.
my specs:
windows 2000 server sp2
Tnt2 pro
Nvidia Detonator 40.72
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Old 11-09-02, 11:39 PM   #74
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CraigGen, VIVO requires separate WDM 1.16 drivers.
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Default Rundll as app problem.

New Member, First Post.

Hi just thought I should mention that with the 40.72 WHQL I also received the Rundll bug when trying to access the GEForce control panel.

I also stumbled onto a temporary fix posted on the internet.
I had tried clean installs, and still had the problem on a GF3Ti500 and GF4Ti4200.

The fix that works here was to seach within C:\Windows\System32 for files which match


Then delete them or move them to a storage folder. You loose the help facility but I can access the control panel

I'd post details on the original guy who suggested the fix but I cannot remember where I found it now.

I also got the twk error message on startup but removed the line responsible from the registry by searching for the filename and deleting it.

Now updated from 30.82 to 40.72 WHQL and getting 9402 on my GF3Ti500 in XP using XP2200+ unlocked cpu (Running @ 11x333)
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Old 11-10-02, 05:40 AM   #76
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Thumbs down Well.....

I'm also getting the RunDLL crash when trying to access the advanced panel.

Also sometimes for no reason the computer will seem to be slightly frozen, when when I log on the screen will go black for about half a second every 3 seconds, and then if the display comes back on it will be in 16 colours and XP will give me a "Windows have recovered from a display hardware device failure, please re-boot to return with full functionality".

My System is....

AMD Athlon TBird 1.4ghz
GeForce 3
SB Audigy
WinXP Pro
GigaByte GA-7DXR Mobo

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If any of you have "Error loading NvQTwk" when using the 40.xx series, than I suggest you download Detonator 40.31 fixed from guru3d. It will work with all the 40.xx drivers.
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Old 11-11-02, 12:54 PM   #78
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I installed the 40.72s yesterday and today I am back using 30.82s. Using Windows XP with GF4 Ti4600.

Where to start... Windows desktop flickers and everything is really slow drawing.

Flickering during BF1942 which I didn't notice before but is quite annoying.

Windows move really slowly when dragged.

Transparency when dragging windows crashed and never came back again.

Crashes when I try to switch to TV-Out.

NView dialog seems to be unfinished and won't allow me to change settings.

When I moved back to the 30.82s just moving around the desktop seemed lightning fast. I can't live without my TV-out. I'll try again with the next official release. I was hoping NView 2 would be much better than the original but it just seems to be so unfinished.
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Old 11-12-02, 02:13 AM   #79
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40.72's worked awesome for me, now using the 41.03's and while they aren't much faster that the 40.72's, they seemed to be a bit more polished. No probs with this version either.
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My rig:
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16GB G-Skill Trident X DDR3 2400 Ram
Corsair 750HX "Silver Certified" PSU
Corsair H70 Hydro CPU Cooler
2x PNY GTX 770 OC2 4GB in SLI
180 GB Intel 520 SSD
2 TB Barracuda HD, 2 TB WD Caviar Green
Logitech G-510 Keyboard
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
3 Samsung 24" LED SyncMaster Monitors

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Default 30.82 vs. 40.72

I'm warning you, I'm pretty anal about drivers and video quality... read on if you can take it.

Performance - Personally, Other than 3DMARK2001SE scores going from 10230 to 11200, (when I made the jump from 30.82's to 40.72's), games don't seem to run any faster or slower for me but that can be expected when you leave the 60fps mark behind. Currently I only play UT2003 demo (1024x768x32 with the settings nearly maxed out - detail textures and shadows disabled however) and JKII at 1024x768x32 maxed details except I use high for texure instead of very high as with very high I get vibrating textures when I pan left to right regardless of which driver revision I use. This is especially apparent on the swamp levels or very cavernous maps. However, I beleive that that problem is likely not driver related but moreso the fact that my MSI g4ti4200 only has 64MB RAM on board. Does that make sence to the rest of you? I'm still kicking around the idea of getting a 128MB card.

Visual quality 2D - I find that the new driver is brighter and unlike before, I am now playing with brightness and gamma settings to keep colors from looking washed out or faded. At default settings, I find the 40.72's make my monitor look cheap. It's not a day and night difference but I found that the 30.82's (just leaving things at default) were a little easier to look at when in the desktop or perusing the folders on my hard drive. With the 30.82's, I only ever needed to bump GAMMA in games and the desktop was always clear and shiny. Whites were always pure and blacks were superblack ect... If I cannot get the 40.72's to the same level of sharpness and color contrast on my desktop, I will be going back to the 30.82's! Anyone else notice this????

Visual Quality 3D - Hmmm... Again - Brightness is definately something nvidia has increased. I know this for a fact because JKII gamma was set to my comfort level and I know where I had the gamma slider bar in the settings. Then when I went to 40.72's, I immediately noticed that the graphics looked faded and washed out and was too bright for me comfort. I took a quick trip into the settings thinking my son had messed with gamma but the slider was where I always keep it. I had to bring the slider down half an inch lower down the bar to get that "6" on the bar to be "barley noticable" as it recommends at the bottom of the screen. Prior to 40.72's tried 40.71's when I was still playing "no one lives forever". All objects in the game took on a cartoony bright appearance taking away from the realistic look of the textures when using the 30.82's (as realistic as the lithtech 1 engine can deliver at least anyway) so I went back to 30.82's. Could be that the 40 series drivers don't like the Lithtech 1 engine which is really not a big deal as it's not widely used. I'm not playing that game anymore but I might pop it back in to see how it looks now.

Conclusion... Speed at least has not been hurt. If I beleive 3DMARK2001 I guess it's running faster. I'll do some UT benching next to confirm things. But I am left wondering, has nvidia cranked up the brightness to try and end the "nvidia is too dark" argument once and for all? Seems to me at least in my case, they have. I will give these drivers a week to grow on me but I want my desktop image quality back. We'll see.
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Default Oh ya... my specs...

ASUS P4PE, P4-2.4, 512MB Crucial PC2700 DDR, MSI G4TI4200-64TD, SB Audigy, 40GB Seagate 7200RPM Liquid, and XP Professional.
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Ahh well anyway, here is my experience with them:

As usual it works without a hiccup in any game from DOS games to Neverwinter Nights.

These drivers are as perfect as the ones before them. Problem free on my pc.
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Old 11-25-02, 02:29 AM   #83
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Id like to see one last driver for the Geforce 4 beforce the focas is on the nv30 (already is though)

Doubling the performance of UT2003
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The drivers WOULD be good, if the win98 version didn't CRASH windows COMPLETELY, when trying to run windows program from a fullscreen DOS prompt (seems to be somewhat random what crashes and what doesn't, and it doesn't always crash, but it's always programs that have some sort of GUI....)
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