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Default NVIDIA had a hand in leak of half-life 2 source code.

It seems so obvious that NVIDIA as benefited from the delay of half-life 2.

NVIDIA has a number of reasons to delay launch of half life 2. they are as follows:-

1. the abysmal performance of nv3x cards when running half life 2 in directx 9 mode. Even when half life 2 was run on those cards in the mixed mode(nv3x mode) the performance was way behind that of the radeons. In directx 9 mode, even the nv35 fell behind the performance of the radeon 9600 pro. Though the nv3x mode of half life 2 improved performance on nv3x cards, it could not match the visual quality of pure directx 9 mode.
2. NVIDIA lacked software and hardware to provide decent performance in half life 2. development of the new forceware drivers that would provide performance gains in directx 9, would take a lot of time. Besides, on the hardware front, only the nv40 would provide great performance on half life 2. but half life 2 was supposed to be released on September 30, 2003 and the nv40 was to be released 6 months later in April. Till then, it would have been ownage for ATI.
3. it is apparent that the demand for half life 2 would be great. During the period September to December 2003, the radeons would have been the only cards on the planet that provided good performance in half life 2. any gamer who wanted to play half life 2 and did not own a radeon 9500 or above, would want to buy the radeon 9600 xt or radeon 9800 xt since, he could get the game half life 2 as well as the only graphics card on the planet that played the game well.
4. if half life 2 was released in September or November 2003, it would lead to huge sales of the radeon 9600 xt as well as radeon 9800 xt in the holiday season of December 2003.
5. it was highly likely that gamers owning the directx 9 capable cards from NVIDIA (5200,5600,5700, 5800,5900,5950) would be tempted to buy the radeon 9800xt and radeon 9600xt. NVIDIA risked losing its existing customers to ATI.
6. Sales of the radeon 9600xt would have been very high because it provided more value for money.
7. the radeon 9800xt and radeon9600xt had performance that was almost similar to the radeon 9800 pro and the radeon 9600 pro respectively. The only selling point for both those cards would have been the bundled half life 2.
8. DOOM 3 would be released only in 1Q OR 2Q, 2004. This would be too late to impact the effect that half life 2 would have on the sales of radeons.
9. GABE NEWELL had pointed the inadequacies in the nv3x architecture. He had also pointed out how the drivers from NVIDIA had cheats in them. Also, the drivers detected when a screenshot is being taken, and they provided a markedly better quality picture only for the screenshot.
10. The huge sales of the half life 2+radeon bundle during the Christmas season would have sidelined sales of nvidia cards, as well as HIGHLIGHTED the inadequacies of NVIDIA drivers as well as the NV3X architecture.
11. Now that half life 2 is delayed, NVIDIA will have a good graphics card ready, the nv40 as well as good drivers. The threat posed by the half life 2 + radeon bundle will be nullified or minimized to a great extent. As compared to the huge profits ATI would have earned from the sales of the radeon+half life 2 bundle during the Christmas 2003 season, now ATIs profits t from the sales of the radeon+half life 2 bundle when half life 2 is released (God knows when), will be far less.
12. The leaked source code will allow NVIDIA to write better drivers OPTIMIZED for half life 2. This would allow reasonable performance on the nv3x series.

So, NVIDIA hired a hacker, to leak the source code. Basically, most hackers are concerned about the good of the community. The leaking of the half life 2 source code, did not do any good to the community. Even if the source code is compiled, whoever compiles it would not be able to benefit much since he would get to play an incomplete game., with a lot of bugs..It only served the purpose of NVIDIA.

HALF life 2 had to be delayed, because, the leakage of the source code, would allow people to access steam(source code for steam was also leaked) and download half life 2 for free, as well as get rid of the need for a CD key when using half life 2 online. It would allow game developers to copy part of the source code into their own game engines (the elite game developers have far too much self respect to copy source code). So, if valve would have released half life 2 in September 2003 after the leak of the source code, it would have been greatly beneficial for ATI but it would have had disastrous consequences for VALVE.
Somewhere in Russia, the source code has been compiled and is being sold as half life 2.
The big question is how much of the source code has to be rewritten before half life 2 can be released?

ATI lost a great opportunity. Its not everyday that the most anticipated game ever runs fastest only on your hardware. Its not everyday that your rival has no answer to your blazing performance in the most anticipated game ever. Its not everyday that you are the monopoly when it comes to great performance in half life 2. Its not everyday that you get a chance to sell a radeon+half life 2 bundle in Christmas 2003. Opportunities like these come only once in a lifetime.

Ever wondered, what if NVIDIA is proved guilty?

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And how are you so sure its nVidia and not some crazy HL fan? The rabid HL fans want the game leaked just as badly as nVidia wished it would.

nVidia is a HUGE corporation. They cannot do this, they could completely destroy their entire company by hiring a hacker. Its not a good idea for them to even consider something like this. They could potentially be sued for billions of dollars by both Valve, and ATI for lost revenue. Bad, bad idea.

Maybe it sounds good for a movie, but its not likley to happen in real life.
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This is a load of cobblers and is not worth even discussing. Closed
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Please do not post anymore of these sorts of threads, you do not have the slightest bit of evidence. This is all what you think happened, try not to slander a company in our forums please.
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Oh also had to remind you of this, HL2 was nowhere near finished. Read some the threads in the gaming forum about this. It was no where near going gold.
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