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Default Solution for being able to specify DFP/CRT/TV priority

Bah, I had a nice, long, informative post about all this, but I lost it when xscreensaver started up -- that's one of the issues I'm having.

Anyway, I found a way to use the "CONFIGURING MULTIPLE X SCREENS ON ONE CARD" set up and designate the DFP connection as screen 0 and CRT as screen 1.

The problem is outlined in these threads, among others:

And I got a working setup with information from http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=24731

The deal is that if you are going to have multiple device sections, you need to both tell the X server which head/screen you want the device to use and tell the driver which connection it should use. This is what my Devices sections look like:

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "nvidia0"
        Driver          "nvidia"
        VendorName      "NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4400"
        BoardName       "NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4400"
        Option          "RenderAccel" "on"
        Option          "CursorShadow" "on"
        BusID           "PCI:1:0:0"
        Option          "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0"
        Option          "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV"
        Screen          0
Section "Device"
        Identifier      "nvidia1"
        Driver          "nvidia"
        VendorName      "NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4400"
        BoardName       "NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4400"
        Option          "RenderAccel" "on"
        Option          "CursorShadow" "on"
        BusID           "PCI:1:0:0"
        Option          "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT-1"
        Option          "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV"
        Screen          1
Note how the -0 and -1 in the ConnectedMonitor option match up with the Screen option. That's the important bit. If you don't include the -{0,1} on there, the driver and card will just pick whichever it finds first, even though you may have given an order -- and it seems to find CRT before it finds DVI.

One gotcha is that when the card queries the monitor for timings, it sometimes gets the wrong ones or can't do it. Be sure you have your monitor timing specified, otherwise it will appear as if it's not working because a screen will be blank -- you can also try cycling through all the modes with control-alt-keypad-plus. I had trouble because my CRT was working fine in standalone, but as soon as I tried getting both working, it wouldn't go, and it was all because of the monitor timing I specified. I think this is related to how the EDID is scanned, and it's trying to drive a monitor with timing grabbed from the other connection or something.

I have not tested this with Twinview or TV out, but it's at least a start.

Once you have this working, you can enable or disable Xinerama in the server layout section if you want multiple screens.

There are a number of problems with xinerama in general, as far as application support. xscreensaver 4.14 crashes X when you unlock. Whichever window manager KDE is using on Fedora Core 1 doesn't understand xinerama and, with two monitors, centered windows straddle the boundary. Metacity under gnome doesn't seem to have this problem. The Gnome Notification Area Applet doesn't swallow icons if there are multiple screens on one display unless xinerama is enabled -- the icons get their own top-level windows, and are managed by the window manager -- this is a really odd bug. Opera 7.23 and 7.50beta doesn't seem to work at all with multiple screens on the same display or with xinerama enabled -- it runs for about 20 seconds before locking up -- strace shows that it is still communicating with the X server and receiving events, but it doesn't redraw the window. It doesn't even work in Xnest. I'm still tracking this down.

I can go into more detail if anyone needs it. I've also included my XF86Config file and the X log file.

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