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Default Ti4400 Voltage Question

I'm running a Asus P3V4X and a Visiontek Ti4400 together for about 6 months now. The Asus P4S8X I just received says the AGP port will only run 1.5v cards. I just now noticed that my AGP voltage for the P3V4X is 3.3v.

Am I running my Ti4400 on the 3.3v P3V4X improperly or is it a 3.3v card?

Is the Ti4400 a 1.5v card so I can run it on the new P4S8X?

Thanks to anyone who can reply to my questions!
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The voltage that your AGP port runs at is determined by the speed to which it is set; for AGP 1x and 2x the voltage will be 3.3v and for 4x it should run at 1.5v.

Check and see what speed your AGP port is set to. You should be able to run it at 4x.
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i have an asus p3v4x for my p3 system. i just tried to put my ti4200 in, and set the agp4x. the voltage was reading 1.5. so just set it at agp4x
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