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Exclamation The Flame Threa

There. I've noticed that every third post for help or so ends up in people whining about how "nvidia sucks", or "nvidia should opensource their drivers!".

While either or both may be true, these posts do nothing but de-rail the discussion in the thread (finding a solution to people's problems). Therefore, I would like to ask that the next time you feel like telling everybody how much you hate nvidia, or how much better nvidia's drivers were if they were opensource, or whatever, POST IT HERE INSTEAD!

Thank you. And don't forget to take your complimentary asbestos suits at the entrance.
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I like nvidia, have been a happy customer for years. Wouldn't consider an alternative at this point.

I'm simply happy to have offical drivers, open sourcing them is their option.

My only flame is the notable lack of features and amenities in their current drivers. A control panel would be nice, a utility to set up X config files for twinview et al would be welcome and finally, being able to use video-in (as another thread by me states) would be very nice indeed.

hrmm... I'll have to try harder, I don't think I even got to medium heat
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