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Good to see your tests coming along. I too noticed it happen with 'nvidia' driver setup and not the built in 'nv' driver. I actually had ran the 'nv' driver for quite some weeks before I got around to setting up the 'nvidia' driver because I had alot more important things to setup on my box rather than X or the mouse. As a result of my cpu dying on me I had to setup my backup box. In turn, I wasn't about to wait 4-5 days for Gentoo to install because I use my pc on a daily basis for things more important than web surfing/ daily use so I decided to install X on my currently running BSD install and use it as a desktop pc rather than a router. Its been up and running all week now with no issues. Like the previous poster I am also running 4-STABLE but have yet to see any problems though. Since this pc is no longer the router and stability isn't too much of an issue to begin with I might even upgrade it to 5.2 Release. Keep us updated on any further issues you uncover in your test. Once that new cpu arrives I'll be back in the same boat so I've been following this post closely.

<--- Just too funny I had to add it to my post. I wish they had smilies like this on the other forums I visit, hehe.
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It really looks like getting rid of the /usr/X11R6/lib/tls was all I needed: been using mouse flawlessly since then -- even with UT2004 now and then

So, I guess nvidia driver installation scripts still need to improve in order to guarantee there's nothing dangerous on this specific dir as well.

I remember a while ago you could find on the web a script (nvcheck.sh I guess) that did some neat tests with your installation. IIRC it was not made by NVidia. I would be very happy if NVidia provided a reliable way for us to check if all libs are on their place, and no dangerous libs will get in the way... (or is there such a thing already?)
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