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Its me! Hurray!
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my advice


The Battlefield team is up to their old tricks again. Releasing crap early then making us wait for a patch. If its anything like last time they will announce the first expansion pack before they fix the issues too.

Problems so far:

The net code has performance issues, everyone has "jerky" lag on every server I went on tonight.

The server browser is half broken, often it doesn't return any servers, and usually only returns 100 or so of the total >1200. It also fails to return a ping, and even a simple feature like sorting servers in order of ping doesn't work anyway.

There is a wierd texture pixelation issue that happens on some models when anisotropic filtering is enabled.

The STUPID refresh rate bug from the first game is still there (you have to edit the .con file and set that variable).

All these bugs are inexcuseable as the game engine hasn't changed at all. The graphics are improved, but thats only because the models have some more polygons and there is more folliage. It still doesn't do a good job at creation a jungle atmosphere though. That old game "NAM" created with the Duke Nukem 3D engine still does a better job of creating a jungle atmos than this.

It could still be a good game once the patches are out, but its not as good as I had hoped. As Liquid says, its more like a mod than a whole new game. Im gonna play UT2004 and this is going on the shelf until the first patch comes out.

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Could you post your systems too, I just want to know vid card and processor. I have a 2500 barton and a 4200ti 128 and want to see if its up to standards an if is worth buying now, or do i have to upgrade.

I have 1942 and the expansion bundles, love them.
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Originally posted by LiquidX
I got mine yesterday and I like it but I do have a few problems that I hope get fixed in a patch. I also hear alot of people from other forums bitching that it runs bad on there uber systems but it runs fine on both of mines.

My issues

-It feels like a mod more than a whole new game to me. But its still great.

-Sounds....its good but you cant really hear futher away explosions and battles like you could in BF1942/DC which is sad. Very Mute as if nothing is happen over the hills when you see napalm dropping and I run an Audigy ZS
-Darkness-Maybe its my monitor but this game is very dark. Anyone else have this issue?

-Resloutions- Some do not fit my screen, and by time I stretch them out with the monitor controls to fit the screen its at 100%, so with for instance 1280x940 I have to play with black borders at the sides. Also for some reason 1600x1200 runs better than lower resolutions.

Over all everything else is pretty cool and I like especially the music and aircraft control compared to DC. And I have to give the EOD boys there just reward because this is not much better than there mod and infact I think EA took some of there and improved on it.
What he said.

Yes, I have the same issues - disappointing sound, darkish screens.

I do not have the resolution problem, though. What drivers are you using?

I am looking forward to the next couple of patches. I think there are a lot of minor bugs to work out. Overall, great game - just needs the kinks ironed out.
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*sigh* Hate the hear that.

Personally I think Farcry has the best jungle feel of a fps yet. Can't wait till that ships.

I also heard a rumor that EA basically stole the code from the helicopter in the DC mod for use in BF:Viet, anyone know if this is true?
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Other small issues -

They did not include the buddy list and buddy in-map indicators from BF1942.

No Kick vote GUI.

No way to see server you are on once you are playing in a server.
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Originally posted by |JuiceZ|

I also heard a rumor that EA basically stole the code from the helicopter in the DC mod for use in BF:Viet, anyone know if this is true?
I actually think there easier to control in Vietnam and thus more fun. No more crashing 10 seconds later for me.

Also I couldnt put my finger on what was different though the game feels almost the same as BF1942. Well I finally found it...it now actually feels like a full out FPS. BF1942 is FPS but it never felt right or liek most other FPS and it was hell to kill someone and to me it just evolved into a vehicle game to capture flags. Your goal became just to spawn and find a plane, jeep or tank and kill them with that. Vietnam I think changed that in the fact it now feels more tuned to be on your feet running with a gun. And this time around being a sniper doesnt actually suck and eqauls death as it use to be.

In the end the more I play it the more I love it after almost regretting it with all the its sucks going around. Itj ust rocks to be able to put on any song played to the end in any vehicle. Nothing like a heli storming a position with gunners on each side while "letter" is playing. I think its worth if you like BF1942/DC/EOD...and if you never liked BF1942...I think this may actually change alot of people minds based on the polishing up of the running and gunning aspect.
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There are some texture problem and some models are gone with aa and af on. Other than that I love this game.

One thing I noticed about hiding in the grass and brush. It does not work from a distance. The grass and shrubs are not draw until a certain distance, so you are basically hiding in a shrub you see but no one else sees. They only see you in the pron position hiding like a tard in the open. Anyone who turns off all the eye candy can have a advantage in the jungle maps. I would rather have the eye candy on and play the way it was ment to be play but there are many who just want to win. oh well.
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I prefer the chopper controls in DC, that way people have to know how to fly the damn things. Of course some n00b always hops into one and crashes it instantly
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Sean P.
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Running not so hot @ 1024 with a 3GHz P4, 512MB, and a vanilla GF FX 5900....

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Runs great at 1280x960 no AA or AS all settings maxed.
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Originally posted by |JuiceZ|
... Personally I think Farcry has the best jungle feel of a fps yet. Can't wait till that ships. ....
FarCry is colorful and shiny but I think the forests in Operation Flashpoint are some of the best. It is also one of the earlier vehicular shooters. Just a pity the game still has 1000 minor flaws to distract from its brilliance.
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I just got it today and didn't like it at all i think i am going to trade it in. Pure crap BF1942 is far far far better in every way. I don't think the gfx are better then BF1942 sure it has pixle shaded water but it does have a pretty big peformance hit. Also there is no Single player campaign at all so this is realy an MP ONLY game.

If i had to give it a score it would be 5/10.
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