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Default 2.4.22, nvnet & seg. fault

Using the latest nvidia linux tarball and kernel 2.4.22 (kernel unpatched) i get a segmentation fault error ("Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000412 printing eip: ") etc.

I do 'insmod nvnet' then when I try to do "ifconfig eth0" i get that seg fault.

Ive seen this problem before but I havent seen a fix. ACPI is not compiled into kernel either and I have a DHCP server on the network but assigning this interface a static IP shouldnt matter if the IP is unused on the network right?

Any ideas ?

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Anyone ?
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Default Re: 2.4.22, nvnet & seg. fault

DONT use nvnet it sux!
Give forcedeth a try it runs circles round nvnet. and its GPL...
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