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Default My story

Lets all sit down and I'll tell you a story.

When my sister in law and her family moved up from Missouri, they lugged along this old Gateway or Dell system that was way past it's last leg. It was a pentium 100 in this time and age (We threw it in the dumpster about 2 months ago, go figure).

Anyway this system died from massive cpu failure (it's a pentium, blah!), so we went pouring over ads and somesuch until we found an Fry's barebone system, which consisted of a 1.2GHz duron, a Soyo K7ADA motherboad, and case, all for a bargin price of 129 bucks. (Never again! But read on to see why!)

After wrestling with the $#%@* barebone for a few days, i wound up giving them my case and FIC motherboard (I kept my 950 TBird, they kep the 1.2GHz duron), they also kept the (as we found out soon enough) crappy AMD cooling fan, and 512 megs of sdram, in exchange i took their case, 128MB DDR and motherboard (I found a MSI KT3Ultra at a local discount computer shop), and proceeded to build my system: It worked fine.

Just peachy.

Now to the point of the story: About a month or so ago, my sister in law called to let me know her new system was freezing up: They reboot, the system's fine for approximately 5 minutes, then it freezes. I went over, checked things over, browsed through the BIOS to make sure their teenaged sons didnt mess with anything, then lugged the thing back to my place to update windows, figured it was a bad/corrupted driver somewhere. (I have dsl, they have AOHell). Sure enough, it froze just before the updates completed, so I had the thing reboot, and on a whim, i went into the BIOS to check the cpu temp.


I ripped the side of the case off and saw the cursed AMD cooling fan not working. Everything else worked but that fan. I realized then what the problem was but alas I lacked the funds to buy a new cooling fan for a few days. So I took the system back to her house (Bad mistake!), told them what the problem was, and warned them not to use the computer until I replaced the cooling fan that coming friday (This was then Monday or tuesday).

She signed on AOL the next day to email a resume, and then her husband brought home a new mouse (He's an expert on car stuff, and frequently pray to whomever above to forgive my sins and trespasses: OK, so I didnt turn my brake rotors when I put new pads on!), and he replaced the mouse. The next day I went over to pick up the kid (they're the babysitter as well.. Since she isnt working and is seeking a job), there I saw, the frikkin' computer on. Then, wham, it froze, and the SOB then plops behind the system, replaces the mouse, and wonders why the damn thing wasnt working. I told him it wasnt working because the CPU is overheating and if they continued this they were going to destroy the thing, and warned them to stay off the $!@#%$ computer until I got their new cooling fan the next day. They promised. (They lied!)

The next day I stopped by with a new thermaltake volcano 6CU+, and chewed them out for running their computer again. In all this I was amazed that the CPU took so much abuse and prayed it will continue to run.

After waiting for the thing to cool down, I applied new thermal paste, plopped the new cooling fan on, and turned the system on, only to see a puff of smoke.

After trying to get the frikkin' thing to run, i finally removed the cooling fan and saw black specks on the thermal paste, the cpu core cracked.

Some people just dont listen.

After a few days I decided I was sick of my slow 950Tbird, brought myself an XP1700+ and gave them the tbird.

Since then both systems worked fine.

BTW, anyone want a soyo K7ADA motherboard?

Added on after the post: The CPU/Fan combo was retail, however we couldnt RMA it back cuz my sister in law asked if she should keep the packaging the cpu/fan came in. I said, "Nah!"

Now I'm gunna keep all my packagings close, and the reciepts closer!
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Unhappy 3 and counting!

I have been unlucky enough to have cracked not 1, not 2 but 3 CPUs. My First incident involved a Duron 700. I eagerly went out and bought a FOP32 when they first came onto the market, got it home all excited hoping I might be able to overclock even further than the 1100 I had managed up until that time. I found that the Fop32 has a very tight clip and 5 minutes into the exercise of grappling with a screwdriver to get the clip over the plastic lugs I heard a grateing/crunching sound and I knew straight away what had happened as I had read about this in forums on hardware sites. Alas my poor Duron 700 was dead, 2 large chips of core had broken off!! Later on in my upgrading history I bought an Athlon XP 1700+. this was a great CPU that I loved dearly, I always watched out when I installed a cooler on it that I didnt rock the Heatsink on the core. All was well until I decided to upgrade to a 1900+ CPU. I sold the 1700+ to my fried, who paid me in advance. The morning I went to swap out the CPUs I was in a hurry. I have never heard of anyone chipping a cpu when taking off a heatsink but now I have. Space is a bit cramped in my old midi tower and I thought I had taken both clips off (front and back but it must have got caught as it rocked in my hands and 'crunch!' Therefore I had to buy another XP1700+ to sell to my mate!

The Last one I owned for less that 2 hours. I brought home a new 2200+ decided to unlock the bridges and as soon as the silver paint had dried I went to put it into my new case and motherboard, I was so eager I didnt see the power supply cable had got caught between the cpu and the heatsink, I wiggled the heatsink cos I didnt think it was sitting flat and once more there was that all too familiar "crunch!!"

Boohoo, I'm back to using an old intel temporarily.
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Default Re: 3 and counting!

Originally posted by Taxman
The Last one I owned for less that 2 hours. I brought home a new 2200+ decided to unlock the bridges and as soon as the silver paint had dried I went to put it into my new case and motherboard, I was so eager I didnt see the power supply cable had got caught between the cpu and the heatsink, I wiggled the heatsink cos I didnt think it was sitting flat and once more there was that all too familiar "crunch!!"

Boohoo, I'm back to using an old intel temporarily.
*sniffle* dang that hurts, I feel yer pain man....
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Default Worse thing that happend to me.

Worse thing that happend to me was I attempted overclocking my XP1700 processor. Wasn't as easy as i hoped and I ended up wasting a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol for the redo's of the connection. In the end it was unlocked but it wasnt stable. For one reason or another every month I had to wipe out the connections then redo them. Unfortunately for me, one step of the redo was taking a razor blade to make the lines clean and straight so they dont overlap.
In the end I retraced the same groove over and over and over then I had me several nice shiny gold grooves and i started to worry. I decided that this last touch up of the L1 bridges was as safe as I can do and I couldnt do any more touch ups after this. I was wrong. Popped it in slapped on the heat sink. Whiiiiir *SPARK POOF* *Sizzle*. popped out the processor double checked the L1 Bridges scrapfed the grooves to make sure there was no compound in the cracks. Bad mistake. When I popped the heat sink back on *crack* took it back out... Oh look a new keychain accessory...
Later I bought me a new XP2000+ processor and tried to prep it for overclockin. Was almost done then applied a little to much pressure during a clean up of a little spill... and then I see 1 nice little pin from the bottom of my processor sittin on the table _ So that was my second processor failure. Cleaned up the conductive silver EPOXY (spent several hours with an eraser polishing away the surface) took it back to the shop, claimed it was defective and got a new one (I know im a little heavy handed but when your workin on a complete flat surface with nothing for the pins to snag on how can a LITTLE pressure snap off a pin and not bend any other pin ;_ So right now Im sitting on an a NON-Modified XP processor and experimenting strictly on how much silver compound is necessary to provide ample heat protection... So far im just wasting my cash half a 12 gram tube of artic silver 4 has been used on 3 processors (and wasnt their stated yield for like 60 something if not more processors? ) Right now my heat sink applies alot of pressure on the processor and in the debate, buy a shim, bend and loosen the hooks on the processor, or just pray really hard nothings gonna happen...
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Funny thing.

I am using a Athlon T-Bird, 1.2ghz (at 1.4).

Way back when I bought this, 2 years ago I think, I had never built my own computer. I had never installed a heatsink on a CPU.

I had heard how dangerous it was to do on the Athlons, so, I was worried, but confident.

Well, I did it without any problems. On my first try. It was a snap.

I even did it a few more times for various reasons, up until what happened a few weeks ago.

I ordered some Artic Silver 3, because just a week before, I was having heat problems on the CPU. Well, when I saw the heat problems, I removed the heatsink to discover how dry the CPU was of thermal compound, as all the compound had gotten pushed away from the CPU, making a nice little square showing of copper of where the Athlon core would be touching the heatsink.

So, anyway, there wasn't much compound to spread around back in place, but I did my best and put the heatsink back on.

After I got the AS3, I took the heatsink off to notice the top right corner of the Athlon was chipped off completely..

I was so bummed..

So I put the AS3 on and found out it still worked. Perfectly. And it still works today.. Chipped core and all.

Can't say my story is depressing.. Sorry. :P
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one day after i had ruined my motherboard (k7s5a) trying to mod the thing... i got in a fight with my mother about some stupid thing.. i ended up leaving.. my computer was still all apart so i gathered the pieces (cause my mom is know to throw things out when she is upset ) and went to a friends house... i ordered a new motherboard that week (Epox 8k7a ...no modding needed )...finally..after about seven days on this crappt p166 i got my motherboard. i put my chip it... my ram..vid card.. everything else (only necessary things) and the computer wont turn on or do anthing... this motherboard has a postcode display...and i looked up the code it was giving me...and it had to do woth the cpu. so i am looking at the duron 850 and i see right in the corner of the core..i small chip...
I ended up buying a athlon XP 1900+ and i am so glad that was the problem because the chip was $130 when i bought it...and i had just spent $70 more $$s i didn't have on the motherboard. I basically drained my bank account fixing my computer...but it was worth it

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Default I suppose this belongs here....

my story is here...even though I'm pretty sure shims wouldn't help my dead t-bird, I would definitely appreciate them in the future, when I have to install a new processor:


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I had just bought MY first computer after working at a local comuter shop for a few months the summer of my freshman year. I had gone all out, and got myself a new DDR board and the baddest boy on the block, the Tbird 1.2ghz. My cpu came boxed with a stock heatsink, and I used this for about a month, with no problems. Then I got the itch to overclock. I knew my stock hfs wasnt gonna cut it, since I was getting 50C+ temps at stock speed, and I had heard 1.4 was a flamer. So I went online for a little research, and settled on the Thermoengine, the king of Al heatsinks. I ordered this puppy, and it showed the next week. I took it into work, as we were having a lan and my comp was there. The manager and I installed it, and it seemed to work fine. I started up my rig, and was greeted by the BIOS screen informing me that my cpu speed was misread. I thought nothing of it, and restarted... I was then greeted by a blank screen and the smell of burning silicon. Smashed core.. I was pissed off at my apparent stupidity, but since I was employed, bought myself another. it came, and the process repeated itself, even though I had a more experienced co-worker put the heatsink on this time. The process repeats itself.. NOW I'm mad.. 2 cpu's and almost $300 down the drain. The only bright side to the situation was that the new Tbird 1.4 was out that week, and I had to have it! I placed an order that night, and it showed the next day. This time I decided to use my stock heatsink and my Thermoengine fan, and I tried it out. My power button is pressed, and I'm greeted by that oh too familiar smell...AGAIN!
I'm flat broke now, and looking for answers, I sent in my mobo, and it turns out, the cpu base was raised too high, and was putting too much pressure on my processors, and they got smashed. I spent 6 months on a PII 266, and then got the mobo back and got a 1700+, now I've got an 1800+ due to a trade, and would sure appreciate a nice new shim, to prevent the loss of another $450.
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A bout two years ago (give or take a year, I can't remember) I bought first system ever. I had been using a k6-2/300 system for quite a while and I decided it had to go. I had never built a pc before but I decided that I had to learn somehow! I went to my local computer store and got a gigabyte ga-7zx motherboard and a brand new duron 800!!! I was really excited. I got home and got it all assembled and it wouldn't post. Eventually I found out that I had a standoff in the wrong place and corrected the problem. After about 20 minutes of use though I realized the downside of amd chips. Cheap but HOT! My generic duron cooler just wasnt cutting it. I eventually found a globalwin FOP 32-1 locally for $20 and got the thing running cool although rather loudly.

Everything going good right? Wrong.

Started to overheat about 6 months later so I decided that maybe a better fan and some arctic silver might help. I was a bit more knowledgable by then but lacking experience. Yep, I crushed the core with my brand new sk-6 that I had ordered. I was off to the local store to buy a new chip. Made it there 5 minutes before close and end up spending a bit more than nessecary on a 1.3 tbird. Got the thing home and it wouldnt post, I put a small chip in the corner of the core.

The next day after about crying and breaking a few nearby appliances in rage, I decided to go buy another chip, since I had plenty of online college courses I needed my comp for. I bought a duron 850 because it was all I could afford. Got it home and it wouldnt post. I KNEW I didn't chip the core, I was VERY careful with it. So I decided the motherboard had to be damaged.

I got on ebay and bought a refurb ga-7zx for a hefty price and paid the guy for overnight shipping. It actually did get there overnight (which was a miracle), and the 850 posted in it just fine. I didn't toss the old tbird 1.3 with the chip, so I decided to test that for the hell of it, even if it was damaged. It posted just fine! 100% stable (I'm posting using that same chip and refurb motherboard right now). So I tested the 850 and it was fine too. Problem solved and a ton of cash wasted.

I decided just for fun to break out the soldering iron and see what I could do with the old mobo for fun, and I noticed that there were two miniature fuses missing across the top of the board. I realized later that I had knocked off the fuses with a screwdriver when trying to get the clip on for the heatsink when I first got the board and duron 800. INCREDIBLY I had managed to knock off the two EXACT fuses that enable the multipliers for chips running at 850 and 1300.

In the end I learned that I need to use a shim and plastic tool when putting on a heatsink, but to this day both of my systems (I made the duron 850+old mobo into a spare system out of old parts) don't have a shim, and I'm going to be putting a new heatsink on this chip this week! I'm almost scared to do it without a shim but I managed to forget to order one and now I'm broke.
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Default Update on my story

In regards to my post on page 1, its been 2 months on this P3 500. No word yet on my replacement so i decided to order a slower proc to use while i wait. Since I am in a different state now, my order was rejected from 6 different websites. Finally, I got ahold of a site that called me and confirmed. I now have a Duron 1.3 GHz on the way so i can at least play Q3A at a decent framerate again (ie. more than 18)
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Default My Lost Core

I had found my machine was getting a little hot so I decided it was time to replace the stock fan with a new one I decided the best HS/FAN for the money was the Thermaltake 7+. Installed the nice new fan complete with AS3 paste and what happens of course? Nothing.

Of course my wife was watching the whole time and saying "is this really necessary?" "could you break anything". I of course respond it is absolutely necessary and I know what I am doing. But the 7+ had a damned bad 3 prong clip and the time and it was a nightmare to install (they have since improved the darned thing). I took of the fan and looked the CPU looked good so I tried once more still nothing. I took of the fan cleaned the cpu off and there it was I had cracked the core. The core of my beatiful CPU was actually missing a nice chunk in the side.

Lost my CPU but worse my pride with my wife having watched me just fry the computer. Of course she then began complaining she couldn't play any stupid games till I got a new CPU.

I never want to crush a CPU core again. PLEASE!!!
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