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Default Strange GL problem...

I'm not sure when it happened, or what caused it, but I've found myself suddenly unable to run tuxracer, armagetron, chromium and probably a lot of other GL dependent games.

glxgears and the xscreensaver 3D screensavers work fine. glxgears getting 500-700 frames/second.

i'm running a suse 8.2 that's had various lib upgrades (SDL amongst them) compiled here rather than pre-packaged.

My card is an MX400 pci, I've tried 5336 and 5328 with the same results, and even tried using switch2mesasoft and dropping back to the nv X driver to see if that'd allow the games to at least start...

The error I get is...
*** tuxracer error: Couldn't initialize video: X11 driver not configured with OpenGL (Success)
(Same error with armagetron and chromium)

I've even tried re-installing X from the 8.2 CD in case it was a YaST online update that caused it, but no, same result...

I'm stumped, anyone else got any ideas?

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Default Re: Strange GL problem...

I am not sure, but is tuxracer not using sdl?
Maybe you compiled sdl without opengl?
You should check that...
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Default Re: Strange GL problem...

I did check, opengl was defaulting to "yes" in ./configure, but...

In order to test that, I reinstalled from the CD and it's working again now... (although, I don't know yet if downgrading's broken anything I installed later)
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