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Question A little trouble with Linux IA32 graphics drivers

Hope someone can point in the right direction with my problem.

- Downloaded NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run
- read the README
- change the default run level to 3 (REDHAT 9)
- edited the XF86Config file. In it I only had to remove the line ' Load "dri" '
as the line ' Load "GLcore" ' did not exist
- changed the driver to be loaded from "nv" to "nvidia"
- ran the package, and it installed succesfully (according to it)
- booted back into graphical mode, here it just displayed random characters on the screen in text mode, i was able to reboot by pressing ctrl-alt-del, but that was the extent of my control over the sys.

things to know.
I have a GForce 3 (not either of the Ti series)
A nice reliable P3 600 with 3 year old hardware

I tried the earlier driver package as well (5328) and got the exact same results.
I also checked the log file and verified that it had attempted to load the nvidia driver, it also did not have any error lines but it did have a bunch of lines saying that each res mode was not supported, then it said something about going into a software 1024*780 mode which according to it was successful

Any thoughts?
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Default Re: A little trouble with Linux IA32 graphics drivers

I found a page that describes what seems to be the same exact problem
Here is a excerpt and a link from the page

I am not familiar with kernal options so i don't know what to make of this solution

Any thoughts?


excerpt start:

Important Information!

When installing the drivers I found some problems involving that the screen is distorted/scrambled when starting X. At the time of this writing (6 mars 2003) the issue has been reported to Nvidia and they will include information about it in their README file concerning installing the drivers. Except for my setup (Geforce4 MX) this problem has also been reported to occur in GeForce4 - 8x Ti4200 setups.



Linux IA32 Display Drivers driver version 1.0-4191


Geforce4MX 440, AGP, NV17

X-server (Default X-server on Debian 3.0r0)

Custom compiled kernel on Debian 3.0, kernel 2.4.20 from kernel.org

Problem description:

When starting X after installing the drivers the screen is distorted/scrambled with seemingly random characters and you cannot do anything to fix this.

Problem solution;

After many trials and errors by recompiling the kernel with different options I discovered that the problem was caused by enabling the following options:

Processor type and features -- >
[*] Local APIC support on uniprocessors
[*] IO-APIC support on uniprocessors

By disabling these options the X server works fine. So the problem is related to the APIC support and can be eliminated by compiling without these options.

Now if you have a SMP kernel with multiple processors APIC will be set automatically, to disable this feature use the noapic boot option; this forces interrupt processing to legacy PIC mode which limits interrupt processing to the first CPU.

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