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Default Random flickering with 5336 and twinview.

I have a GeForce FX 5600-based card which worked a treat with XFree86 under a 2.6.3 mandrake kernel until I setup twinview. When running with two screens, I was finding that I got random flickering across whichever monitor was setup as the second screen. I tried this with 4 different monitors, different refresh rates, the works: always this rather random (and very annoying!) flicker every 30 seconds or so.

The eventual solution was this patched 4620 driver on www.sh.nu. I have no idea why this fixed the problem - it's possible that 4620 just has a different set of defaults to 5336, and that I could have fixed it with a different X config.

Whatever the case, it took me ages to fix this, so I'm posting my findings. =)

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Default Re: Random flickering with 5336 and twinview.

There was a topic about a similar problem not too long ago which I'd recommend you to look up. The topic contained DVI flickering/corruption or something like that. The problem described there looks very similar to your problem only it was with two lcd screens.
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