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Default couple of questions

I have just installed PClinux - which has Nvidia support - how can I find out what the installed driver is (release level) - on any install how would I tell.

Also under windows you can set the scan rate (as long as the monitor can handle it) for a given resolution, under Linux you have only certain options ie 1024 x 768 @ 70
why not adjustable


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Default Re: couple of questions

Well, what I would do. OPen up the XF86Config file with an editor and look at what driver name it is using. If it has nv it is using a generic nvidia driver. If it has nvidia it is using a full fledged driver.

You can type lsmod in a terminal also and see if it says nvidia in it. If it does then you are running full drivers. If it does not have the full nvidia name it is prolly the generic one.

To tell exactly what version you have find the libGL.so file for it. Like this Example: slocate libGL.so

One should pop up that looks something like this /usr/lib/libGL.so.1.0.5336
the number at the end is the version that is running.

To change the resolution and/or refresh rate that again falls in the XF86Config file. You are looking for the section that has the Color depth and modes and such. You can also specify wich bit depth you want to use in this file, such as 8, 16, or 24. I always use 24 just because. All you do is enter the resolution you want in the 24bit depth section and that res should be selected.

There is also a section in the XF86Config file that has the Horizontal and vertical refresh rate settings. These should always be entered manually unluss the Linux OS you use detected your monitor settings correctly. You may need to look up your monitor specs from the manufacterer to get these if you no longer have the book for your monitor.

By setting the Horizontal and vertical refresh rates in my XF86Config file linux always uses the highest refresh rate possible to my knowledge that the monitor is capable of for the resolution I use. I know some DE/WM like gnome or kde you can set the refresh rate with a resolution so that is nice. Some DE/WM do not have though like XFCE4 or Fluxbox or Enlightenment. So the refresh rate is always maxed for the resolution I use with those DE/WM's, but it never goes over what it cannot handle, atlest I never noticed it.

What we need is something like what the 46.20 beta drivers from PNY had with the little gui they had. So we can set our options like in windows. That would rock if official drivers came with that stuff. They may include the resolution and refresh rate settings in that someday to make it easier but I think the way xfree86 is designed it won't allow you to change on the fly the desktop res and color depth and such.

Well, hope some of this helped.
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