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Default Mandrake 10 + kernel-smp-

Anyone else having problems with NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run
and this kernel (i'm running the non smp version in the meantime and the nvidia 'bits' compiled and installed ok).
The installer has problems with headers, I presume the same headers are used for both kernel-smp- and kernel-

any clues apreciated

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Default Re: Mandrake 10 + kernel-smp-

A wild guess here but maybe since the driver installs fine on the non smp part of the kernel but doesn't on the smp part, maybe, the driver is looking for the header files with the smp in the name and they are not there. It could be simply re-compiling a kernel or finding the header files manually and then changing them so they have the smp part in the them.

That way when the nvidia driver looks for kernel-smp- it has header files for it. I never went about doing somthing like that, I would assume it would have built the header files for ya. It seems it has for the non-smp kernel but not the smp wich is odd to me.

Like I said, a wild guess but hope it atleast gives some ideas for ya.
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Default Re: Mandrake 10 + kernel-smp-

Hmmmm, yes it could be, but i use an smp kernel for mandrake , smp isnt in the title for it, just the precompiled package name from mandrake is called .6.3-4mdkenterprise-smp.rpm simply to differ it from the single proc version. errrm, the only difference between the two kernels is the *smp* bit is set to yes before ya fling it through a compiler. (would installing BOTH be an option for you? or comiling the smp version yourself? from the source your are expecting to use? 8how-to is in the source dir....) unless you already have, i would suggest giving that a try..)

If you install both the smp and single flavour, ya can get grub, or whatever bootloader you use to switch between the two, compile the driver under the single source, copy any .o's and other appicable stuff (all info can be found in the readme as for what files to look 4 to where ya booting ya smp from (duh? i know, it doesent make sense...lol) and boot to smp, does the driver module work? or can ya boot to smp and insmod the nvidia module ???????????? same source = same kernel / smp = diff stuff compiled into it...) so i would presume you have the right source. (unless ya have infact got the wrong source, or your smp kernel version number is different?? you can find out by booting to each and doing an uname -r ) sorry if you know this already, i dont know your level of linux understanding, and do not mean to sound like a bighead, specially cos im not...lol)
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Default Re: Mandrake 10 + kernel-smp-

Hi again - thanks for the advice.
I just updated the smp kernel to 2.6.3-9mdk-smp and guess what - the Nvidia bits for 2.6.3-7 (not smp) work fine! so I'm happy now.

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