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Unhappy SuSE 8.0, no KDE, Newbie

Well, I had tried to instal the NVdia latest drivers fo Linux but I wasn't succesfull. There were two problems:
1) I did not know how to do this:
NOTE: The nvidia installer does not work as long as a Xserver is still
running and the nvidia kernel module is still loaded. Therefore
please boot into runlevel 3 by specifying "3" as kernel boot
option or switch to runlevel 3 ("init 3") and unload the kernel
module ("rmmod nvidia") before running the nvidia installer.
(from SUSE NVIDIA installer);
2) I did not know how exactaly to enable 3D suppost with the YaST2. First of all I could not find my NVdia card listed: there was only some generic video adapter there. So I changed its propperties by checking somewhere the manufacturer (NVidia) and the specific card I have (GeForce 4 MX). After that there were some options they allowed, like changing the color mode, the resolution, etc. After I did that and loged out it wouldn't open KDE anymore.

As I am a newbie I would never know how to fix that, so I reinstalled it all from the scratch. I had given up intalling the video card as I had work to do with Linux and couldn't waste time installing and reinstalling it.

I was later told that the VESA drivers would work. I did not really want to install them, but today, while checking the video resolution (with YaST2) I checked the options that were there by default. I did not change any, but at the end of the process it propted a message that had to do with VESA. I did not read it propperly though, clicked "OK" without really reading it. However, again the KDE will not start.

I do not want to reinstall it all again. Is there a way to bring the iriginal setup back (no card at all, any ordinary plug an play monitor)?

In case I decide to install the drivers, how wxactaly do I do it (I mainly have doubts about those 2 issues I wrote about in the second paragraph, wich are Xserver and enabling 3D)?
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Default Re: SuSE 8.0, no KDE, Newbie

Well, I have saved my home directory and reinstalled it all again.

Still I dunno how to disable Xserver. Also, does unloading the kernel
module ("rmmod nvidia") apply to people who do not have older NVdia drivers installed? Or that would apply to the modules I should install with "rpm --justdb -Uhv NVIDIA_kernel*.rpm" and "rpm -Uhv NVIDIA_GLX*.rpm"?

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