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Default New PC

Just installed Suse9.0, waiting for Suse9.1 on the new PC.

Here are the specs, for people who like these things.

AsusK8V-Athlon64 Mobo,
Athlon64 3400+
Audigy 2
Maxtor 200gig SATA
Plextor DVD-R/RW
512*2 Kingston DDR400
iiyama pro-vision 450 for 50 euros!
MSI GeForceFX 5900XT.

Got Suse installed, a little problem to start with. The guy who built the machine stated he had tested it. This means he switched it on, and the bios screen came up. What he didn't test was to see if the HDD worked.

After placing the SATA cable on the right connector Suse found the HDD and proceeded to install. After 50 minutes everything is ready.

Sax2 has detected the monitor and the gfx card. Stating that it can't do 3D acceleration as it needs the official driver todo that. Luckily I have both the 5332 for AMD64 and 5336 for IA32. Ran the init -3 as root to kill the xserver and return to a framebuffer. Then ran the installer. Of course I had no internet connection, but I had the kernel source, so it created it owns kernel driver.

Started X, saw the NVidia logo, and everything works. USB, Firewire, the gfx card is brilliant. Installed UT2004 demo version, expecting problems. And lo and behold, nothing went wrong.

Got to admit Linux has matured over the past 4 years. The last time I tried to install Linux I had an Athlon1400, and of course it had the famous memory bug which caused X to fail because of a well known to Windows developers, AGP bug. Now NVidia cards work as well in Linux, as they do in Windows. Processors are properly supported, and the software is great.

Just a thanks to the guys who built the NVidia driver. Please do ATi a favour and tell them how to code, please.
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