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Angry yARGH! with a capital ARGH!

Ok, so someone PLEASE help me out here...

My computer has been getting weirder and weirder... First AIM started acting up... it'll let me log on, but when i double click on a name to send a message, it freezes (this happens using DeadAIM or not... and i reinstalled AIM 5.2 (I hate 5.5)). When I click on internet explorer it takes a good 2 minutes to open up. When I use my ati tv tuner, it doesn't close ATIMMC when i close the program (I see this in the task manager - when i want to use it again i have to go in the task manager and close the old ATIMMC). It shuts down some programs when i don't want it to, Windows Media Player is having all kinds of problems - it shuts down randomly, takes FOREVER to start playing some files, It closes but doesn't shut down other programs when i tell it to (like ATIMMC, wmplayer does it too, along with even mozilla sometimes.)

What is going on?!?!?

I'm using Windows XP, fully updated, all my drivers updated, spybot found nothing, on a P4 2.8 GHz machine with a gig of ECC ram.

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Default Re: yARGH! with a capital ARGH!

Have you checked your CPU utilization when it freaks out like that, especially with the pausing? Run down the processes list and see if something is pegging the CPU when this happens.
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Default Re: yARGH! with a capital ARGH!

Are you using 'Messenger Plus!'?

If you've upgraded 'Messenger Plus!' then perhaps you accidentaly installed it with the spyware ("sponsor program").

I did just that and after using Ad-Aware, Internet Explorer started hanging and the CPU utilization went up to 100%.

The solution for me was to reinstall 'Messenger Plus!' with the "sponsor program", then uninstall it and install it again without the "sponsor program".
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Talking Re: yARGH! with a capital ARGH!

The title of this thread makes me laugh...
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