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Default shake 3 how to install

I had a friend download red hat linux 9 from there web page and I installed it with no errors on one of my part on my laptop...3gb.

My probelm is how do you stop the screen from going to 800x600 all the time? i want 1600x1200 I can not change my screen size

Also...There is no exe file to click on so how do I install shake 3.0? Can you tell me step by step?

one other thing...Will I be able to plug in my ex hard drive and use it? I had to burn apple shake 3 on a cd then copy it to the desktop...


Alienware laptop
60gb hard disk
DVD burner
16.1 screen
1024mb ram

I have no idea what I am doing

I do know the files in the bin folder are
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Default Re: shake 3 how to install

Are you talking about the resolution of the console/terminal? (the black screen with text)
Or the window manager? (Windows-like interphase..)

If you are using a wm, then is it KDE or GNOME, etc..? Try to find this out.
Each one will have a hardware settings option (located in slightly different ways)
KDE allows for easy access to the bootloader, (ie: LILO [Linux Loader] or GRUB)
The boot loader will then be "told" by your settings to load a FrameBuffer which I believe is whats necessary to load the "console" or "terminal" with a better, nicer resolution.
If it is the console, I've only seen framebuffer support up to 1280x1024 (which is what I use)

If you wish to have a resolution in your windows manager, then you should be able to find a displays option under your "system settings" or "system configuration". From there you can setup your video modes/resolutions.

BTW I am not a very experienced or knowledgable Linux user, but I hope this helps at least a little.
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