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View Poll Results: Which name do you prefer for the nv30
Geforce5 14 31.11%
Tnt3 4 8.89%
Omega 3 6.67%
Omen 18 40.00%
Ahniahlator(h/ever it's spelled) 6 13.33%
Destroyer 3 6.67%
Powerpro 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 45. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-02-02, 06:13 AM   #25
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I vote for this one
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Geforce is getting LAME.

Back when the GeForce256 was released, it made sense.

Ge=Geometry, referring to the onboard T&L. They should not do a 5. It's starting to sound lame and repetitive. Geting long in the tooth.

I think I like the TNT3 name, although it won't be the one that's chosen. (TNT = TwiN Texel [...] , refering to the original TNT's multitexture capabilities... So no go)

I also like the codename, NV30 is elegant and just sounds cool.

The most likely name will be a variation of thet stupid CineFX name. (hmm. Why am i suddenly reminded of 3dFX? 3dfx was a cool name. Cinefx just sucks.)

A cool name might be the NVIDIA CorporalDanXP Ti-9000
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Originally posted by koslov
It just occured to me that a really obvious name would be CineForce. However, I was really hoping to see Eclipse...
ATi hold the "Eclipse" trademark registration. A shame - would have made a good name for NV30, IMO.

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Annihilator ( correct sp ) sounds good to me....That's the name I suggested when Nvidia was holding a contest to name the card that ended up being called "GeForce".

I doubt this name would work though....as Creative used it for their GeForce line...
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What about Revelation?
( disclosure or something disclosed by or as if by divine or preternatural means )

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CineForce has my vote, followed by NV30

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I agree with some here, use the same name too much it eventually gets old. Time for a new one.

Here's my idea, in that they hired a lot of ex-3dfx guys after the acquisition...I say let those people chose the next name for the NV30. One thing 3dfx didn't seem short of, cool names for their upcomming products when they were in development. Something along the line of Rampage (not the same thing as a product that never was though) would make a good name for the upcomming card.

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Take the name 3dfx was suppose to have for their card after the V5.

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