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FX5900XT :)
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Default Re: FX 5700 or FX5900XT -- what works?

Gentoo, as I mentioned above.

-- Sorry for the reply lag ... I've been away.
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Default Re: FX 5700 or FX5900XT -- what works?

I had the same problems. I have a FX5900XT and tried several flavors of Mandrake (9.0, 9.2, 10RC). Nothing i tried seems to work. So i installed a fresh Mandrake 10 communitiy and downloaded the new XFree (4.4) and installed it. After installing the 5336 NVIDIA drivers and editing the XFree config file i started up with startx and the same error (NVIDIA device initialising error) popped up again. I added Option "NvAGP" "1" and Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "DFP, TV" to the config file but no luck.

After a bit thinking i tried to set the 8x agp setting in my BIOS to 4x AGP, disabled fastwrite also, and restarted Linux. After typing in startx i got the NVIDIA logo popping up and everything seems to work fine. The mesa demo's work so fast you can only see a swirling cloud of forms. Tuxracer worked slick and fast an now i am going to install Quake3 for a final test.

Strange enough - after rebooting i tried to set the BIOS settings back to original (8 x agp, fastwrite enabled) and tried again, just to be sure this was te problem. To my surprise the nvidia drivers still woked fine. I'm a bit confused over that, but i wont complain. I have a dual boot system (Linux and WinXP) and it is nice i dont have to make changes in the BIOS when i switch to a different OS.

I'm using a Jetway V400ADBL with the KT400(A) chipset and a Athlon XP2400+. So i added this tip for everyone that is using the KT400 chipset. It works fine for me and maybe other people are helped with this tip too.

So - after weeks trying out, it all boils down to a simple change in the BIOS (feel a bit stupid i dit not try this in the first time).
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Default Re: FX 5700 or FX5900XT -- what works?

I've upgraded my workstation to 2.6.6 based FC2's using the 53.36 driver... thothe 5700s and the 5900s are working just fine.

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