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Default Strange problem with drivers

I am running a Maxi Gamer Cougar Video Edition with the Riva TNT2 M64 chipset on linux, and I needed overlay support, so I downloaded the latest official driver from the website (version 5336), and installed them. The install went fine, and I updated my X configuration file like it says, (Changing 'nv' to 'nvidia' and removing one of the load module commands), but when I try to launch XFree86,it does not work.
The screen is blanked, but does not change modes (no 'click'), then a very small red rectangle appears in the upper-left hand corner, with a little green rectangle blinking inside it. The display keeps showing that, but the computer stays responsive (I can log on remotly, and it will still respond to the keyboard, eg. a local ctrl+alt+del will still trigger a graceful reboot.)
I updated the card Video BIOS, but it did the same thing.
Note: I was not able to find a specific update for this card, but I found an update for the chipset. (I know this is not ideal). Does someone know where I can find an actual update for this card. If not which one of these would be the most correct,,, or When I tested them with vgabios, they all worked, so I assume it has something to do with the capture and TV parts of the card?

My setup:
Kernel: 2.6.5
Distro: LFS (compiled it myself)
XFree86: 4.3.0
GCC: 3.3.2
Glibc: 2.3.1

Any thing else I need to tell you?
The log file is attached.

NOTE: It is probably it is the card, as I noteced when I used it with Windoze XP and 2003 (using the built-in nVidia driver, and the card specific driver) with the old BIOS, the driver would crash if i used ANY hardware acceleration, and it has not improved with the new BIOS.

If it is the card tell me, and I will get a new one, but that is a last resort for me right now.

Your input is much appreciated.
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Default Re: Strange problem with drivers

Aditional Note: If I do need a new card, what would be your suggestion. I would want a card that is relativly inexpensive, and would work well under linux. I would want to play videos using overly, use hardware accelerated VRML/X3D, play videos to a TV, and capture analog video. (I have a spare VCR, so a tv tuner would not be necessary.) I do not need a fast card for gaming or anything.

Also, one time, when I launched XFree86 with xdm, the screen did switch modes, and stayed a solid white. When I killed X remotly, xdm respawned it, and the screen stared flashing between all white and all gray.
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