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The Baron
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It's not my system... heh.

But look at the original post date of this thread--OCTOBER! Yes. October. 3 months ago.

Clues = Good.
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Check regulary the hall of fame to see the highest scores.
Today, the highest is 22103.
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Originally posted by Switch
I notice how neither one of those have benchmark results after Game 4 -Nature...
Crashing big time.
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Sayonara !!!
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the score for 3dmark2001 is calculated thus

game 1 low/high
game 2 low/high
game 3 low/high
game 4 = nature...

the nature score has a higher weighting percentage wise than the other 6 tests mainly because it stresses the VIDEO card more...per my understanding..

since the other tests have absolutely NO bearing on the 3dmarks obtained there is absolutely NO reason for people who have oc'd their cards solely for the purpose of ONE run to stress it further by running meaningless tests

not to mention its a waste of time.. who really will sit through that crud ?

hence you will find most of the top scores out there do not have any tests run after game 4...
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Holy crap, you got that with just 256MB onboard RAM?

My new system should do well then. Problem is finding the money for it.

Here's what I plan to buy:

Athlon XP 2400+
GeForce4 TI4800SE
1.2GB PC3200 DDR RAM
Dual 100GB RAID 0 drives

I'd love to see the benchmarks on a system like that.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember hearing the lower the ram count (being reasonable though no less than 256MB) the better 3dmark ran.
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