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Default Low frame rate - Quadro FX 500, 53.36 driver, Dual Xeon, RedHat EL 3.0

I recently moved a Quadro FX 500 card from my 3-year-old Dell 8100 (P4, 1.4 GHz), 512MB RAM to a more recent machine with dual 2.0 GHz Xeon CPU's and 2GB RAM.

The frame rates of the OpenGL apps I develop were noticeably slower on the Xeon machine. I compared the frame rate reported by glxgears on both machines; on the dual Xeon I get around 3200 fps, and on the P4 I got around 4200 fps. I performed a glxgears comparison on both machines with a Ti4600, and found a similar difference in frame rate.

I'd expected that my apps would run at least as fast on the Xeon machine as on the old Dell, if not better.

Initially I was running an upgraded version of Red Hat 7.2 (2.4.18 kernel) on both machines. I use the latest version of NVidia's driver, 53.36 (on the Dell, when I upgraded to 53.36 from 44.?? I got a greatly improved frame rate in my own programs). I have since completely wiped the disk on the Xeon box and installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 (2.4.21-4.ELsmp), but glxgears returns the same frame rate as with the older version of the OS. On both machines I use fvwm as a window manager.

glxinfo says that OpenGL is using hardware acceleration. Here are further specs on the Xeon box:

video card: Quadro FX 500
driver: 53.36
distro: RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0
kernel: 2.4.21-4.ELsmp
video BIOS:
CPU: Dual Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz
motherbord: Supermicro PC4DC6/PC4DCE (Intel 860 chipset)

I've attached various other text files (my XF86Config, info from /proc, etc).

Could anyone please offer any suggestions to improve the frame rate on the Xeon machine, or a way to help identify the bottlenecks?


- Alex
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File Type: txt nvidia-proc.txt (448 Bytes, 146 views)
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Default Re: Low frame rate - Quadro FX 500, 53.36 driver, Dual Xeon, RedHat EL 3.0

was system 1(p4) in the same screen depth as system 2(2 xeon),
i see in your Xlogs that your screen size was 1600x1200 cause everything looks right to me but im no pro and without the info from system 1 i can't determine anything really differnt.
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Default Re: Low frame rate - Quadro FX 500, 53.36 driver, Dual Xeon, RedHat EL 3.0

Really don't use glxgears as a benchmark. For that purpose it is very unreliable. Use for example games for comparing performance.
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Default Re: Low frame rate - Quadro FX 500, 53.36 driver, Dual Xeon, RedHat EL 3.0

well, the performance decrease could be due to many things... and one of the primary candidates is probably the kernel's configuration. though i can't pinpoint the error, i would say that your kernel isn't configured optimumly for that card. judging from the hardware/software, it sounds like you're part of a corperation. if that's the case, i'd say they want to use standardized kernels. in that case, there's not much you can really do except for scour your logs for evidence of problems and use google to resolve them all.

good luck, sorry i couldn't be of any more use than that.
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