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Default Need Help NVIDIA GEforce2 and Mandrake9

Hey Folks - any of you users a real linux techie - this is one I cannot solve.

1. I am a fairly experienced linux user - even tried recompiling my kernel for this one.

2. The problem is I cannot get Mandrake 9 and the recent NVIDIA drivers to work. My Xserver is crashing on start. The errors are as follows;
1. (EE) - Failed to LOAD module "GLX" (module does not exist, 0)
2. (II) - [GLX] - Calling GLXExtensionInit

3. Before you say I have not read the forum let me expain that I have - very carefully in fact.

4. I have used both the tarball and rpm methods but both fail.

5. I have downloaded and installed successfully (using both make and make install with no errors ) both of the MATCHING modules
such as NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.src.rpm and the matching GLX file.

6. Also I have edited the XF86Config-4 file to include the changes etc form nv to nvidia.

7. I have done this before with other past distibutions of Mandrake etc including the recent 8.2 . I have never has a problem like this one before.

8. The flash screen for NVIDIA starts very briefly followed by a prolonged timer symbol as the system seems to search for the GLX, eventually it halts /crashes to a terminal and generate the error in para 2 above. Nothing I have done including what appears to be successful re-installs of both kernel and GLX has fixed it. I even re-installed the OS (Mandrake 9.0) and went through the same steps. In this 2nd attempt, I even re-compiled my source Mandrake kernel before I followed the forum steps. Again I have tried both tarballs and RPM's. It appears to me that my XF86Config-4 is successfully edited also - as the driver is attempting to load (hence the good original NVIDIA flash screen) it is just that IT cannot FIND and LOAD the GLX module.

Any help much appreciated - TIA - yada
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The GLX module it's looking for is named libglx.so, and it should be located in the /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions directory.

Make sure that file exists. You might also run ldd on it, to see what else it tries to load (should just be libGLcore.so). Make sure all these files exist.

Otherwise, post your full X log file, /var/log/XFree86.0.log
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thanks bwkaz 4 your reply
I learned something new!

I finally (this was way too hard) got it to work after doing rebuilds of everything (including kernel )and using rpm's ( rpm --rebuild "file name" command) to my surprise. I still cannot figure out y tarballs didn't work (there were no errors) and X was just hanging after the nvidia banner.

good luck to all with this one! yada
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