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Default Re: avatars...

Yea, I agree we need BIGGER avatars, I can hardly make out some of those moving girly ones
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Default Re: avatars...

I'm going to play the bad guy here but....

Size limits are one thing, but I'm all for content limits......
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Default Re: avatars...

Originally Posted by Bubba
what's wrong with small avatars? I likes em small or non-existant. Don't know about you all, but when I logon to a forum and I see all kinds of self-indulgent 'look at me I have the biggest baddest weirest avatar evar!' crap, I immediately think the forum's gone to the crapper and has a decreased chance of offering me anything useful. 100x100 wouldn't be bad, I suppose, but I think the smaller size lends a bit of credence to tastefullness (avatar content withstanding) while still allowing some individual expression (if desired).

ok- I'll shutup now. brief rant over. avatar away.
Avatars are not always the broad stroke "self-indulgent" item that you suggest they are. They are also a good/fast visual indicator of individuals' posts. I use this method all the time when moderating (among other tools of course).
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Default Re: avatars...

ok guys show some more female ass at least! hell yeah!...
btw ChrisRay love your avs ass! i see camel toe...

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