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Thumbs up FC2 + 6106 drvs, X hang on start up - solution!

I mentioned a crash I had with the Fedora Core 2 kernel 2.6.6-1.435.2.3 with the Nvidia drivers 1-6106. The kernel driver would load with no errors, but when I start X, the screen would flicker reader to change res, but then it would hang, before showing the nvidia splash screen. Only ssh'ing in and 'killall -9 X' would get my machine back.

I a few kernel back too: 2.6.6-1.435.2.1 and 2.6.5-1.358. I tried disabling agp etc. No success.

I grabbed me vanilla kernel (2.6.7), and built it (using the FC1 config file as a basis). Made agpgart a module, tried without it. Tried without rivafb modules. No luck.

I then looked at APIC, since it was mentioned in the Readme. I had it enabled in the bios, but the bios help said not to change it if you have an OS already installed when it was on.
I then noticed 'Local APIC on uniprocessors' was not enabled in the kernel for Fedora Core kernels. hmmm.

So I enabled that (X86_UP_APIC) and IO-APIC on uniprocessors (X86_UP_IOAPIC). Built it all and bingo the nvidia drivers worked, X started perfect. Renabled all the apg stuff, stuck agpgart back into the kernel, all works a treat now.

So there you go, if your having trouble, take a look at your APIC setup, may well be that.
From what I can gather APIC is a special way of handling interrupts, so many devices can share the same one.

PS building your own kernel is definitly the way to go, the default Fedora ones have so much stuff in them that you'll probably be able to strip out (eg every ida controller under the sun). Also they don't have Preemptible support in them, which is supposed to make desktop setups loads faster.

PPS my setup was a SIS650 mobo, with a Quadro 2 Pro.
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