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Default Probable solution for "slow" cards/drivers

Hello friends,

as many have reported, the "latest drivers" seem to be slow. Sometimes, it was due to the kernel scheduler, for others it stayed. I myself had this issue, and I can say that glxgears can be a benchmark.

In the past I used: 1.0-4363, Linux 2.4 (XFree version does not matter) and I had about 800 FPS with glxgears. The card is a GF2 MX400.

Recently I had: 1.0-5336 and later 1.0-6106, Linux 2.6, and only had 100 FPS, with the same card. I was suggested to look for AGP enabled stuff and such, though even enabling it (in a forced manner) did not solve the 100 FPS issue. Games were "not quite" affected, since they did their job up to a specific framerate which was anyway so fluid that you don't know whether you have 100 or 200 fps, but in detailed maps it began to struggle.

So I detailedly investigated this issue trying all drivers with all kernels.
2.4/4363: 800
2.6/4363: ---4363 driver not 2.6-ready---
2.4/4496: 800
2.6/4496: ---4496 driver not 2.6-ready---
2.4/5336: 100
2.6/5336: 100
2.4/6106: 100
2.6/6106: 100

Thanks to #nvidia (irc.freenode.net) I got a link to http://sh.nu/nvidia/ so I could try a modified 4496 (besides that 4363, etc.) which works with 2.6. Guess what, I got by 800 fps back. Of course, this is an old driver so it works best with cards released before 4496 came out.

Hope this helps some of you :-)

(added) This is what I use now: http://www.sh.nu/download/nvidia/lin...-4496-pkg0.run

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Default Re: Probable solution for "slow" cards/drivers

Has anyone tried the old driver (4496) i games and got any benchmarks (UT or eqvivalent)?
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Default Re: Probable solution for "slow" cards/drivers

Perhaps... just a note here...

I have the same problem with my TNT card.

I'm with 2.4 kernel, Debian stable (woody), X (

Thanks for putting the link for 4496. That solved the problem.
I realized the "slow" problem not only happens to 3d, but also normal drawing under X.

I really hope there's a real solution for this...

Or, is there any kernel module parameters or X options we can try?
Tried NvAGP in X options, doesn't make a difference. Those kernel module params (NVreg_*) look interesting but I have no idea what they do and they're not mentioned in the README.

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Default Re: Probable solution for "slow" cards/drivers

I just discovered that this "solution" is not really THE solution anymore.
It seems that after using XVideo for a long time, it starts to cause the slow drawing on everything again.

I'm not sure how exactly this can be recovered yet, but it's either an X restart (sometimes), or a reboot...

I tried the latest 6111 too, and it has the same slow drawing problem all the way.

Still no solution for this?
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