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Default nForce2 MAC network chip not working on RHL Enterprise ES

I have a Biostar M7NCG-400 mainboard with the Nvidia Nforce2 chipset having onboard audio/video and LAN.

I am running RHL Enterprize Linux (ES) on the box dual-booted with Win XP. During install of Linux, the LAN chip was not detected (obviously) - I installed
the drivers from the Nvidia website(used RHL 9 drivers as Enterprise drivers are not available) and it was detected and configured as NVnet. So far so good.....

But thats as far as I got. The eth0 device cannot be activated. I used the Redhat-Config-Network command and got the following results:

- in the "Network Configuration" tab:-

Description Type Device Status
----------- ------ -------- ---------
nvnet Ethernet eth0 Configured

- and in the "Devices" tab:-


I click on activate (or type: "service network start" in a term) and get the following error: "nvnet device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying

My modules.conf file shows the following line: "alias nvnet eth0", but lsmod does not show me this module.

The LAN chip works fine on windows XP on the same box. What could the problem???
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Default Re: nForce2 MAC network chip not working on RHL Enterprise ES

Crap. I have the exact same error on an ASUS A7N8X-VM with Redhat 9.0 Workstation. "nvnet device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization". I'm such a linux n00b that I know not how to troubleshoot.

Hardware is proven to operate correctly under Windows.
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