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Default another question about warnings and infos in the console and sum stuttering probs...

hay doodz again... and sorry for bothering u once again

1. first problem (if it is a problem)

i have read a lot of threads in several forums but did not find any answer so now i am trolling back in here searching for help

i have taken a screenshot from my console menu and am wondering what kinda stuff it shows me...

most interesting things are those 3 warnings and i also wonder what the interaction table size should tell me and what it means that the interaction taken is higher than the actual table... bizarr thing is that i do not hear any soundtrack or stuff, only the normal effects no matter if i turn things off or on in the audio menu... (i am using an soundmax onboard 5.1 chip)

2. stuttering problem

even with a64 3000+ and my gainward 6800U GS @430/1200 and 1 gig pc3200 ram i sometimes get terrible hangups after now playing the game a bit and i thought it would be a delay in my RAM but really can't believe it... i mean it can't be that i begin turning around in a not really big new room and the game begins stuttering just like it is loading stuff from or into my ram. fastwrite is off in my bios and i do not experience problems like that in other games like e.g. farcry

i have no 2 monitors, game runs at ultradetails @ 1024x768 (vsync now on ), no filter9ing stuff enabled...nothing more takes space from my ram...

just forgot to add that it seems like my fps never go higher than 60fps... it more looks like the fps count is somehow locked or whatever...

if i enable filtering stuff it gets even worse :S
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