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Default Dual LCD flatpanel problem with 6800 Ultra


Two days ago I got my new 6800 Ultra card. I replaced my existing Quadro 980 XGL card which was running perfectly with the 6106 driver. When I booted with the new card, one of the two monitors (both IBM L200p) came up in 1280 x 1024. That resulted in a black frame around the picture. The other monitors comes up as it should, in 1600x1200. xdpyinfo reports the resolution to be 3200 x 1200, which is correct. The mouse movement is also correct, when I move from one screen to the other, it disappears for a while (when it is in the black part), and then it occurs. I did not change anything in the XF86Config file, so I assume it's correct.

I then upgraded to the 6111 driver, but that did not change anything.

It's very strange and quite annoying, since the native resolution of these LCD monitors is 1600x1200 it is not a good solution to run in any other resolution.

Both monitors are connected with a DVI cable. I have tested them on other computers and they still work fine.

Any suggestions to a workaround? Except from lowering the resolution...

UPDATE: Upgraded to BIOS, did not solve the problem.

UPDATE: Upgraded to driver to version 66.29, the problem is still not solved.



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