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Default twinview at boot but not at X?!?

I just installed a PNY Verto GForce RX 5200 AGP in my wife's Mandrake 10.1 (Xorg 6.7, kernel 2.6.8-rc2 nvidia 6111) machine so the "Integrated TV encoder" might feed her desktop via TV-out (svideo) to our big-screen. Here is what happens:

During initial boot I get all the BIOS splash screens on both the CRT and the TV in the correct resolution even. I can change BIOS settings, everything.

During system startup I get the Mandrake 10 splash screen, the verbose startup information screen, everything, on both screens at the correct resolution. It is only after the machine is booted to the display manager for user login that the TV-Out seems to deactivate.

This is the point at which I become entirely baffled...

Why is it that the card's chipset can work *perfectly* at system boot but not after the OS is loaded? In other words why should a "twinview" configuration even be neccessary? The card works correctly with whatever the boot microkernel uses for a display... why is it so difficult to get the running X to adopt the same settings?

Anyway, I am not a linux guru.... but I have read the nvidia README and many posts on this forum and others. No combination of X settings I have tried work correctly as of yet. Most of the time I get either the monitor OR the TV but not both at the same time (cloned).

My current XConfig is included (yes, I know it says "XF86Config" but that is what Mandrake 10.1 uses for Xorg...) and this is what Mandrake supplies as a working Xconfig after my last attempt left me no choice but a reboot. Yes, I know the included XConfig won't work

That's why I am posting here! Hoping someone can help me out on this...

Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: twinview at boot but not at X?!?

The reason twinview doesn't work after starting the OS, is that at OS startup X and the nvidia drivers get loaded. The card is then configured to the setup described in your X config file. Really for help on getting the card working search the forum. There are tons of examples as it has been asked dozens of times now.
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