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Default Re: [D3]High-Resolution Texture Pack Ever?

Originally Posted by Mike1357
Is it just me, or is there something SERIOUSLY wrong with this guy's hand? http://dynamici.server239.com/uploads/e89r3u832.jpg
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You shouldn't be expecting much more with a GF3.

I read somewhere in an interview with id ( Carmack? ) That D3 was designed for 256MB vram GPX cards. Higher textures would likely mean slowdowns in game when textures and other things need to be cached in main memory.

If I could make one request for better graphics it would be to add a few more polygons to some of the npc, especially their heads.
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Default Re: [D3]High-Resolution Texture Pack Ever?

BTW I was wrong. I doubled the size of a table top texture and it still fit the polygon perfectly. It should be simple to create a texture pack to replace a few of the really low res textures.

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