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Talking Solution: Frame Buffer does not work after X loads

I recently posted a problem that I have had with my ASUS v8440. I ma running Mandrake 10.0 Official. The 6111 driver installed fine for me and 3d accelerated applications ran properly under X. In fact, everything was fine under X. The problem was that after X started, any time I tried to go to a framebuffer (ctrl-alt-Fx) or shut down X (i.e. went to init3 etc.) My monitor lost sync. Note: the system was still fine. I could type commands and re-enter X with no trouble.

I tried some suggestions of the ConnectedMonitor and IgnoreOutput (something like that, syntax not exact) options. This did not solve the problem. I then tried plugging in my CRT via the DVI adaptor and rebooting. I was frightened at first because X did not by default on the next reboot. I also was not able to restart the workstation without going to init 6 manually. The shutdown command did not work. It stopped bash, but did not halt the whole system.

I was able to startx, but whenever I did that the video card switched outputs; i.e. I could get framebuffer on my DVI->VGAconverter out, but had to go to VGA to see X.

I decided to reboot again, login from the prompt as root and startx . After doing some poking around in the mandrake system config tool, I discovered that the machine had spontaneously decided to change the default so that X did not launch on system boot. I imagine this is because it detected the new monitor connection and was using the text login as a sort of preliminary failsafe/safe mode in case this new output was unable to support X.

Once I corrected this, the system booted into X and I was able to get to framebuffer just fine. I just need to make sure the system boots with the monitor plugged into the DVI out via the VGA converter.

I spent a lot of time banging my head over this (I am about as n00bish as one can get with linux; hence mandrake) and I hope that this solution works some of you.

Again, please note that I had not corruption, no kernel panics etc. EVER while dealing with this configuration. If you are experiencing these problems, I believe you will need to do more to solve your problem.

Now I'm going back to revel in the glory that is functional open source . . .
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