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Default Anyone else taking their time ......

Although I was a madman trying to get a hold of Doom 3 (I left work to pick it up when I got the call from EB), I have been taking my time playing the game. I'm not even half way through the game (Monorail Station).

First, I've been waiting for years, so I want to savor the game. Second, the game is beautiful to look at so I take my time to enjoy the graphics (when some demon isn't trying to turn me into hamburger). On that note, I find the Mars surface just incredible. I can't tell you how many times I've died watching the sandstorms (hey, simple things for simple minds). Third, I find it more fun in smaller doses.

I'm OK with the mood thing and all, but it does perplex me that they would take the most beautiful graphics engine ever designed and then make it so dark you can't see most of it.

Anyway, as I said, I'm taking my sweet a$$ time to enjoy every level.

Anyone else?

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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

I did the same thing after my brother was finished with it. I also do the same for all the games I think are good. Pay so much for a game and to end it in two days like I read some guy did most likely using "GOD" I think sucks, atleast get halfway through it first. Its like good food you have to suck the juice out every bit down to the last crumb if its good. Took me a little more than a week to beat to beat Doom3.
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

First time around I beat the game in 3 days on Veteran and I'm now taking my time playing it again on nightmare. Not even out of Alpha yet and I've been playing for 2 weeks now on nightmare. Theres alot to look at when a demon isn't trying to have you for a snack.
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

i got it when it first came out, and i havent even reached the monorail yet. basically, i've only been playing about 20 or 30 minutes a day or every other day. this is mainly due to my job and my hours.
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

I've had it for 2 weeks now and i'm about 3/4 finished...it takes me about an hour or more per level...i like to find all of the secrets and soak up the scary atmosphere...

this is a game i actually want to finish for once...gave up on prince of persia because it got insanely difficult...lost interest in splinter cell at the last mission...and still haven't got far into manhunt, but that's because it's priority was trumped by doom 3... never finished far cry (i'm on the last boss)because the last 25% of the game was too difficult...

i don't like to play it for less than an hour or more than about 90 minutes at a time...and i only save it a couple of times per level...i never do the quick save every minute that some people do...

edit: the last time i did this for a game was with no one lives forever 2 and jedi outcast
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

Do yourself a favor and DONT finish farcry -you'll understand why if you do .
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

I bought the game right away, and played it for a couple hours on my current computer. Then I stopped myself, from going any further before I get a 6800 GT. Which is proving to be a pain in my ass.
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

I did the same thing pretty much, I ran out and bought it from EB day 1 as I had it on preorder and I'm only about half was through. I am enjoying every bit of it and taking my time. I also dont play it every day as I have a SWG addiction and that takes alot of my time hehe. But the game rocks and I love it.
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

I'm pretty much in the same boat. I think I'm in Delta Labs 1, just a little beyond the Monorail. I haven't had too much time to play though.

I want to find all the Easter Eggs and all the combinations for the lockers. I'm trying to pick up all the goodies before I leave an area but I still leave some things though because I thought I could go back to them.

My favorite time to play is at night with all the lights off. But then, I can't play too much because I have to stop for breaks before I give myself a heart attack
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Default Re: Anyone else taking their time ......

Originally Posted by AlphaWolfII
Anyway, as I said, I'm taking my sweet a$$ time to enjoy every level.

Anyone else?
Absolutely....I got it day one...and after a restart 5 hours in....last night I just got to the Sat. Comm.. How's that for slow???
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