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Default Re: Counter Strike: Source Problems

I completely deleted it and reinstalled.... pretty ridiculous, but thats what got it to work

but when i turn on character reflections it always turns itself off.... any ideas?
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Default Re: Counter Strike: Source Problems

Yea I got it to work too. Its almost like it didnt download all the files and when it would try to access then when they werent there the game would just crash.
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Default Re: Counter Strike: Source Problems

D/led and was able to play fine last night. Did run into a few glitches though. The first time I loaded the game it came up fine and was able to cfg all the options but as soon as I tried to hit a server, the screen went black & steam basically killed itself. Managed to alt+tab out & killed the hl2.exe excutable. Restarted steam & it ran perfectly fine as if nothing happened.

The Video Stress test bench looks very nice & shows what the Source engine is really capable of. CSS itself is of course an improvement, very nice physics but the overall graphics are nothing to run home to tell mom about. Gameplay is basically the same but the movement is weird. Theres a few nice effects though like those from the flashbang & HE grenade that blurred your vision. One thing I haven't heard commented on is the audio, which actually sounds rather nice on a 5.1 setup.

Looking fwd to the complete HL2 bundle when it comes out. Steam it still a hassle but appears to be getting better. d/led CSS is around 10-15mins.
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