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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

Originally Posted by fivefeet8
Judging by the screenshots from various reviews, the IQ isn't that much higher with Dx9.
Which is why I laugh every time I read that NV has SM3.0 and ATI doesn't.

Most if not all things can still be done in DX7 that are done in DX8 or 9.... So when we start arguing SM2.0 vs SM3.0 it gets kinda funny.
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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

the article states they have the console commands, and a list of cards and the dx level it will default to.

But it makes sense with the FX cards.. If they do it right, it could be like FarCry.. you wuoldn't notice much unless you saw the 9's.
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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

From what I have read the GFFX line (5900s specifically) run DirectX 9 just as well as the 9800 series with the new Forceware drivers. I know Doom3 is openGL, but I run it fine at high setting at 1024 x 768. I get 6000 3D Marks in 3D Mark 03, and just under 47,000 in Aquamark, both DirectX 9 benchmarks. These DirectX 9 scores are similar to scores a 9800 Pro would have in the same system.

I would think that the GFFX 5900s could run HL2 using DirectX 9 at 1024 x 768 without problems. I hope valve at least allows us the option to do so. If they don't, I hope someone finds a hack to allow us to.

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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

Let new drivers out.......or after game patch........i think NVIDIA FX Series will Support DX9 in Game, atleast 59xx Series.
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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

I believe Valve used the DX 8.1 path to accomodate those with FX5600 and below cards. I read a specific reference to having the mid-range cards and below run so slowly compared to the high-end (I'm just too lazy to look for it now).

Still, I believe that Valve should have made this a user decision by including a user option for DX9 or DX8 rendering paths. I'm not happy with their decision just to use the DX8 path for all FX users. It makes me want to upgrade to the 6800 or the 6600 GT just to get the DX9 path.
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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

A user at Guru3d.com forums stated:

You can set your dx to whatever you want. In properties of CSS put in the launch box

-dxlevel 70
-dxlevel 80
-dxlevel 81
-dxlevel 90

Anyone care to try it and report back? I'm guessing you add those commands to the shortcut properties to the exe..
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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

I was impressed by the FX5700U results. 5700U + Dx8.1 path = almost the same framerate as a 9600XT + Dx9 path. Considering that on the NV35-36 legacy shaders are processed through FP16 ALUs, these results are better than I expected.

With AA and Aniso, the 5700U pulls ahead of the 9600XT and the framerate still on a playable level even at 1024x768
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Default Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

firingsquad has an article up on how to truly force DX9.0 path for Nvidia cards, the reuslts ain't pretty at this point in time, but at least the option is there

Perhaps a driver revision, may helpsomewhat for the FX card performance in this particular DX9 game, maybe it's just the Source engine the FX cards DX9 performance is abysmal, the other DX9 game we have only show the DX9 lower performance yes but not as dramatic as Source engine.
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Wink Re: Fx cards will be forced to use dx8.1 in HL2

Its not Valves foult that FX line runs 8.1 path by default, Nvidia told devs to treat FX line cards as DX 8 as simple as that it can't handle DX 9 can't you people get it ? by now youd think everyone knows that FX line sucked at DX 9
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