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Default Re: Interesting thread on Doom 3 outdoor environments

Originally Posted by Seoulstriker
What in earth are you talking about? FarCry is very doable in D3, but not the other way around. FarCry is just a technologically inferior engine.
Yes...while it is true that the Doom 3 engine is superior to CryEngine, the CryEngine is great imho.
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Default Re: Interesting thread on Doom 3 outdoor environments

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Default Re: Interesting thread on Doom 3 outdoor environments

Making one big empty map is meanling less. Making it play well its a different story. We all know that the Doom3 engine lacks a LOD system which in large outdoor areas is vitial to help your frame rates. There are a number of things you can do to help save frame rates. Depends on the game (UT2k4 for example has Anitportals, Fog, and other tricks to make the map playable). But so far we have not seen any real "big" outdoor levels. Currenly I think the "king of outdoor levels" is JO. Now not saying JO is good (it not nearly as advanced). But I don't know of any other game out there today that supports big maps with detail and can be playble on-line. Farcry comes close buts even its biggest MP map is still small compared to some of the JO maps I have seen.
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Default Re: Interesting thread on Doom 3 outdoor environments

lol, so you're telling me they spent the money on licensing the engine only to use the menus? riiight, and i bought my car just so i could use the rear view mirror. give me a break, that's retarded. if you were proficiant with the q3 engine, you would be able to tell just how much code stayed the same without asking the devs, and believe me, it was not "just the menu system".

i'm always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt though, just give me links.
its a long time since they bought the right to use the original quake 3 code. They say they have replaced most of the code since then. The reference is from an interview in PC-Powerplay Australia.. I'm trying to find the magazine now.
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