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Exclamation Fedora C2 Nforce, caused kernel panic.

I saw there Nvidia put 2.6 suport in the new drivers so I figure I would load up FC2 and go. Well I install, update, and go DL the driver (Im running 2.6.8-1.X) and BAM, kernel panis as at 30% while copying the moduels to kernel tree.....

So I figure maye I will use the defult kernel (2.6.5-1.X) and I get the same thing, dumps alot of what looks to be kex code at me, then ;
<0> Kernel Panic: Fatal Exeption in interupt
Interupt handeler not syncing

I didnt see anything on FC2 issues on the board, but I didnt look at the reease date either. So I thought I could put this up just incase im not the only one.


Asus MoBo
512 megs of ram
Nforce one
Nvidia Fx (128)
AMD Athlon 2000
....Other stuff....Just ask and I will look in to it. Im on my laptop...Computer is DOA right now.... (

I ran it in a GUI and all went well. Well kind of. Getting no sound at all now. I dont even know where to start to trouble shoot. I am not getting errors, other then when I shut down it says there is no sopund card, and when I I got to "Auto detect sound card" the old intel driver is still there....

Might it be because when I restarted it asked about the new hardware I told it to configure it?

If anyone has any ideas...Feel free to replay.


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Default Re: Fedora C2 Nforce, caused kernel panic.

You do not mention exactly which driver version you installed (latest is not good enough), and what the installation process was, that is important info.


Linux nForce Driver - IA32

Version: 1.0-0283
Release Date: August 13, 2004

Release Highlights for 1.0-0283:

-Added support for 2.6 series kernels
That doesn't necessarily mean it will work with Fedora Core kernels that use 4Kb stack sizes. I haven't seen any info about using this driver with them, you may need to use the larger stack kernels. Search the forum for more info on that issue. Most nForce issues are posted in another forum: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=27 (search there for more, this forum is primarily about video)


Ethernet for nforce 1 is supported as part of the kernel, if that's all you wanted just use forcedeth.
"..the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." (Edmond Burke)
nVIDIA video driver RPMs for Fedora :: see yum repo at livna.org.

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