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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I find that if you're a FPS (first person shooter) purist; you'll like Doom3 more. If you enjoy running around pretty scenic areas and getting sniped by rockets*; you'll like FarCry more.

*I keep seeing mention of how great FarCry's AI is. FarCry's AI is retarded. The enemies are all positioned in areas that immediately fire upon the player. It doesn't matter how far you are. If you're in their FOV, prepare to start dodging rockets. The game becomes an exercise in futility as your opponent's weaponry is too powerful. You'll be doing the save/die/reload shuffle for a lot of the game. IMO, a well-designed game shouldn't "require" a person to constantly save the game. I'm no newbie either. I can just imagine what a person new to the FPS genre would go through.

The trigens are not too bright either. Running over them in a vehicle of your choosing is ridiculously easy, but heaven forbid you should meet them toe-to-toe. Quake1 fiends, anybody?

All in all, the game is just poorly done. It's like the developer designed these gorgeous outside areas and then decided to make a game. The level should be designed with gameplay in mind. This game has poor layout. Very poor.

Save yourself the trouble and delete, FarCry. Reinstall, Jedi Knight: Outcast or Academy, and experience a FPS single player game the way it should be. If you haven't played either of these games; you owe it to yourself to do so.
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Farcry is fun to start, but the levels start to drag on after the mutants arrive. Doom 3 started slowly, picked up steam then got boring after a while too once the visuals wore off and you are left with the same old find the key, open the door, kill the monsters gameplay. No replay value at all.

GOTY for me is UT2004 and especially Onslaught. No comparison the most replay from me.
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Well, i've finished Far Cry and Doom3

Far Cry.Very inovative, specialy the ability to have almost 100% freedom of movements
Beautifuly designed outdoors scenery, very good balanced interiors
I disagree with the AI bit.Sometimes is John Rambo style mayhem.Shoot at everithing that moves.Don't bread, they will hear you.The mercks will charge you in mass (do like the concept of the team work they got on the merks though)
Trigen are the stuff of nightmare.You need to get almost 1 billion rounds on them (and this is the beginning on Three House) as things advance, it gets harder and harder
And the most disapointing part for me: The ending of the game. I don't know about you guys, but when i did finish the game, it let me, well, flat.I was hopping for something more ...erm...spectacular.Oh well, you can't have everithing

Doom3.Carmak engine.Smooth and functional.Not the best play experience ever, but still extremely enjoyable
Imersive interiors, very opresive and scary.
Yes, again the AI is left wanting, but unfortenately that seems to be the ptoblem with FPS.
On the view of looking at the grapichal detail: Awsome
On gameplay: Yes it could have been better

PS-Yes, i did love the handglidder on Far Cry.That rocked

PS2-Currently playing Soldiers-Heroes of WW2, and i'm loving it
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I played and completed boths. Far cry first because I got it first then Doom3.

I enjoyed far cry and bits of it where great fun and looked great.

I loved Doom3 the graphics in any other game are going to seem dated now. Anything without realtime lighting will just look wrong, which is too of all previous games, I'm not saying that D3's lighting is perfect but it's such a leap forward and now I know what a modern gfx card CAN do any new games coming out are going to need good lighting over flashy effects ( like pretty water ).

I'm replaying Doom3 at the moment on nightmare mode and past the Hell level and loving it.

I intend to replay far cry afterwards just to get my moneys worth from it but I doubt I'll complete it again.
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I don't think there is anyone here who will say Doom 3 is not a graphical masterpiece. But great graphics do not a great game make. In just about every other aspect of the overall gameplay experience, it falls flat on its pretty face. I was so incredibly bored that I didn't even bother to finish it. Aside from graphics, Doom 3 brought nothing else to the table. My initial rating for the game was a 7, but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have rated it higher than a 4 or 5. I expected nothing less than greatness from id and I feel terribly disappointed with the effort they've given here.

Far Cry still gets my vote for Game of the Year to this point. Here you have a virtually unknown developer coming in and delivering a (for the most part) outstanding product. While playing Far Cry, I experienced a level of immersion in the game that I hadn't had since Half-Life. Yes, it was frustrating as hell at points, but I never wanted to stop playing. This game delivered a more complete package than Doom 3.

Discounting the Half-Life 2 factor, unfortunately I think all the major publications will get caught up in Carmack fever and give the GOTY award to a product I feel doesn't deserve it.
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I have both games and I think farcry is as good as Doom3. For gameplay, just like any other games, each of these 2 games follows its own concept from the beginning to the end. There are a few new ideas and twists here and there to make the games more fun and keep the players going.

IMO, Doom3 is amazing in the beginnging but after first few stages the whole gameplay stays the same all the way to the end. On the other hand, first few stages of farcry are pretty much the same in gameplay. I almost gave up on the carrier stage but I kept going. A few stages later the enermy AI became harder and harder and actually made farcry more and more interesting. Also these vehicles in farcry are very cool too.

I would keep playing Farcry, it only gets better.

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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I guess Painkiller will be my next game.

I will give Far Cry another chance, but instead, I think I will play Q3A on Nightmare first. Heh.
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Talking Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Originally Posted by BrianG
Keep going or call it quits?

Is Far Cry worth the time or am I hopelessly enamoured by id?
man you dont like that game,it normal not all people love far cry.
for me both games is good!!
hey yo
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Originally Posted by zeero1978
...well, thats true... but lets say you are trapped on a deserted island with only limited supply of food and a Gaming PC, what game will you pick, FarCry or Doom3(only one game is allowed to be installed on the PC)... I'll pick FarCry...
ditto, though Id still look around the island for a hang glider
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Originally Posted by zeero1978
...well, thats true... but lets say you are trapped on a deserted island with only limited supply of food and a Gaming PC, what game will you pick, FarCry or Doom3(only one game is allowed to be installed on the PC)... I'll pick FarCry...
Man, if I had only one game to play I'd have to go with something like KOTOR or Medieval: Total War for replayability purposes.

I played Doom 3 before I started Far Cry ('cause I got it first). I really liked Doom 3 (for the most part), except for "the marine" being a rather detached and unsympathetic main character. Now that I've finished Doom 3 I've started Far Cry, and I actually find it less compelling than Doom 3. Jack Carver might have a little more character development going on, and the graphics are peachy, but it just hasn't grabbed me yet. I'm going to keep playing it through (at least until I've gotten my $20 worth out of it), but so far I'm not liking it as much.
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

I enjoyed Doom 3 once I got used to it - it took me 3-4 hours. The atmosphere of the game is great.

At the end of the day though, I would give the nod to Far Cry. The first few levels aren't anything special but the game gets a lot better.
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Default Re: Sunday Commentary - 9/12/04

Played them both, finished them both, really enjoyed both. To me, both games were different, but compelling. Several times in both games I just had to stop and look at the scenery.

Found a time that I didn't go the "right" way in Far Cry and ended up sneaking up on a bunch of the enemies. They appearantly had trigger points and just stood there as I killed them.

After Far Cry, I was able to go straight into D3. I had a huge empty feeling when I finished Doom 3. I really got into the game and when completed was almost like a little death. I had spent so much time on these two games. I have a huge need for the next game, which will probably be HL2.

The delay of HL2 is perfect now.

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