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Unhappy nvsound problem

I installed NFORCE-Linux-x86-1.0-0283-pkg1.run on my debian unstable machine that has epox 8RDA+ board. My kernel version is 2.4.27-1-k7 and the drivers seem to be installed without problem according to nvidia-nforce-installer.log. I am using every module except nvsound very well.

My modules.conf lines are:

alias eth0 nvnet
alias sound-slot-1 nvsound

and lsmod says:

Module Size Used by Tainted: P
nvsound 1461536 0 (unused)
agpgart 45476 3 (autoclean)
nvidia 4588044 6 (autoclean)
mousedev 3988 1
hid 21124 0 (unused)
soundcore 3972 2 (autoclean) [nvsound]
apm 9836 2 (autoclean)
af_packet 12808 1 (autoclean)
usb-ohci 19208 0 (unused)
ehci-hcd 17932 0 (unused)
nls_cp437 4380 4 (autoclean)
vfat 10348 2 (autoclean)
fat 32024 0 (autoclean) [vfat]
dm-mod 46904 0 (unused)
nvnet 57184 1
keybdev 2084 0 (unused)
usbkbd 3128 0 (unused)
usbcore 62220 1 [hid usb-ohci ehci-hcd usbkbd]
input 3520 0 [mousedev hid keybdev usbkbd]
rtc 6376 0 (autoclean)
ext3 80044 4 (autoclean)
jbd 41604 4 (autoclean) [ext3]
ide-detect 288 0 (autoclean) (unused)
amd74xx 10660 1 (autoclean)
ide-disk 16512 7 (autoclean)
ide-core 107064 7 (autoclean) [ide-detect amd74xx ide-disk]
unix 14800 99 (autoclean)
vesafb 9416 63 (autoclean)
fbcon-cfb24 4328 0 (autoclean) [vesafb]
fbcon-cfb16 3976 0 (autoclean) [vesafb]
fbcon-cfb32 3816 0 (autoclean) [vesafb]
fbcon-cfb8 3432 0 (autoclean) [vesafb]

But i am not able to get sound. xmms cannot play anything and also i tried mplayer. In Windows XP everything works fine. I tried to test sound in kde kontrol center, but failed.

What can i do? Help me please.
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Default Re: nvsound problem

This driver isOSS type, so you must have enabled this option in your kernel. With xmms use the oss output, and with mplayer use the --channels 6 option.
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Default Re: nvsound problem

Actually I can get no sound either when using nvsound, well the microphone works in the sense that I do hear what I say through it. However when it comes to accessing the proper device /dev/dsp I get this message:
Acrux:/home/starman# cat /dev/dsp0
cat: /dev/dsp0: Desplazamiento ilegal
Which translated to english would be something like "illegal displacement" or illegal move etc.
However if I choose to load snd-intel8x0 from kernel 2.6.8 I can get sound working but pretty limited. From all listed devices in "/proc/asound/devices" only seems to work hw:0,0 in both ways, input and output. Thus its not possible for me to use oss emulation and alsa at the same time taking advantage of the two audio channels (playback and capture) that this card appears to have.
For what I have read there could be a possible solution coming up in the next kernel take a look at the changelog. Nevertheless I am not a computer sound literate so I may have misunderstood some things.
All that I have said here refers to my new system:
Amd Athlon 64 3500+ (939), MSI Neo2 Platinum (nforce3 ultra (250)). Debian 64 unstable (from alioth). And Debian unstable 32 bits.
By the way I dont recall the name of the oss module, I know I compiled it as a module but all I have found under /lib/modules/2.6.8/kernel/sound/oss is
Acrux:/lib/modules/2.6.8/kernel/sound/oss# ls
total 1,6M
24K ac97_codec.ko 40K i810_audio.ko 1,6M nvsound.ko
And I have tried loading those as well as nvsound at the same time and everything remains the same (same "illegal ..." message).
Thats all folks!
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Old 10-12-04, 07:49 PM   #4
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Default Re: nvsound problem

As i mentioned before i am using debian kernel, and all the modules seem to loaded well, i am usning nvnet without problem. And sound seems to have workijg good in modules but i cannot get any sound, what sould i do. I tried xmms with alsa/oss.. no solution. I cannot get any sound other than "beep". I was using with my old redhat without problem, but now what should i do? Isnt there anyone using debian and have a working sound system??
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