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Its me! Hurray!
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Default EQ2 or WOW?

Which will you choose?

I'm not impressed with WOW's graphics. Blizzard hasn't changed its graphics style at all since its previous games - the best cutscenes ever, but simple cartoony looking graphics. Diablo was the only possible exception. The cuteness will no doubt appeal to console RPGers, but I don't know how many of them take an interest in PC MMORPGs. EQ2 is showing off some awesome graphics, plus it has the fan-base of the original EQ to build on. SOE are experts at making very addictive MMORPGS and Blizzard are new to the genre. On the other hand, I just get this feeling that WOW will just be a lot more fun and rewarding to play. Has Blizzard ever made a bad game? not that I know of. I haven't forgiven SOE for SWG on the other hand.

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Mr. Hunt
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I say EQ2 looks like it will be the better game... but I probably won't buy either. If EQ2 has anywhere near as many expansion packs as part 1 I will hate it. I don't believe I should have to shell out more money on top of the monthly fee just to get stuff I should get anyway (after paying 13 bucks or whatever a month).
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

WoW looks better in game than the screenshots show and the Pixer Shader effects were not enabled during the stress test. I was skeptical about the cartoony style of the game but after playing it I actually liked it. The game engine allows for large environments like the capital cities and a good draw distance. It even runs well on people with less than stellar systems.

Blizzard has a great track record in games and I think this one will be pretty damn good. I had favorable impressions during my week in the stress test and there was already a good deal of content in the game for a beta. I had more fun in the week I played this than the first week of playing DAoC and even as much fun as UO - the quest system makes leveling a lot more fun than the boring tasks and kill tasks in DAoC IMHO. I will definitely be picking up this game when it is released.
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I think EQ2 tried to be too realistic with the gfx and it jsut looks wierd to me. The characters look like plastic. WoW was definatlely fun during the stress test. The gfx were good and it ran very well. WoW doesnt bring anything new to the table really but it has the blizzard polish which will make it succesfull. I have my mmo hopes on a game called Dark and Light. www.darknlight.net www.darkandlight.com Should be great

Btw damn EQ for making almost every mmo but UO a freaking cookie cutter copy.
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

Yeah freaking EA could have had a hit on its hands if it would have made a true sequel to UO using a 3D engine and with all of its content. One thing about WoW that I like is some of the trade skills in the game that I missed from UO like mining, blacksmithing, and fishing.
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I've had WOW preordered for around 6 months now
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

Yeah, WoW definitely for me. Arioch is totally right, the screenshots just don't do the game justice. The artwork in the game is absolutely amazing, and I'm sure you would all agree after seeing it in action. Walk into Stormwind City for the first time and tell me you didn't gasp in awe.

Anyway, the gameplay was far more fun than any MMORPG I've played, most especially City of Heroes and <shudder> Star Wars Galaxies. The quest system is really awesome and takes the edge off leveling up, and for once I actually found myself somewhat interested in what the NPCs had to say! It was really neat. Another thing I noticed about the game that I just haven't experienced with other MMORPGs is the very high level of immersion in the world. It's good ****.

And by the way, DaveW, Warcraft III is Blizzard's only really "cartoony" looking game on the PC.
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

Wow. If you like bland, boring gameplay then go ahead and pick EQ2.
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I don't know what the sound is like in EQ2 but the music is top-notch in WoW as is the case with Blizzard titles and the ambient sound effects are good.

I couldn't point my finger on what exactly it was about the EQ2 videos that I disliked but Maverick123w hit the nail on the head with his "plastic" reference.

Of course the game could look better in person but I only have time for one MMORPG and it's going to be WoW for me.
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I like how everyone is chooseing WOW based on PLAYING it where as they are ditching EQII WITHOUT playing it. Truth is, no one knows wich is better yet as neither game is out. I tested WOW during the stress test and was supprised at how much fun it was. I am definetly considering it. That being said I am a bit of an EQ fanboy and after playing it for about an hour at E3 earlier this year, I give it high marks so far as well. As far as the "plastic" look, please don't prejudge, they have been redoing the artwork seemingly once a month. As for the sound, I give EQII the edge as all of the NPC's have real voicework behind them (they talk to you and to each other).
Anyway, I'm taking a wait and see attitude, I'll probably try both, and stay with wich ever one I find more enjoyable...
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I was an original EQ player. I got better

I would go with EQ2 as Sony is far more experienced at it's customers!!!!!
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Default Re: EQ2 or WOW?

I'm going w/ WoW on this one. I've seen it in action, and played a bit of it off my friend's PC (who was in the beta) and that game looks great. Yes, I'm basing my decision on the fact that I tried WoW and not EQ2. However, if EQ2 is anything like EQ, count me the hell out. It's like a Disney-made MMO. The only good MMOs currently out right now is still DAOC, because it offers players the best of borth world of non-pvp and pvp without having to jump to a different server. I do hope Wow will implement something like that.
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