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Son Goku
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Default Trip down memory lane - speaking of bad frame rates

Anyone remember the box specs for Diablo II, aka recommended being like a 266 MHz Pentium II, 256 MB RAM, and it was supposed to run well on a 3dfx Banshee? Looking for something else, noticed this in my webspace

BTW, that computer had a GeForce 2 GTS (Hercules Prophet II), Athlon 700 (or 1 GHz tbird, depending on exactly when it was taken), and 384 MB RAM... Notice I was just standing on the bridge, and there were no monsters or action around me whatsoever Game is also limited to 800x600 screen res max, and 16-bit color.
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Default Re: Trip down memory lane - speaking of bad frame rates

Ahh yes, the good old days when Diablo 2 was totally broken in D3D mode. Did you know the game wasn't even going to have a D3D mode when it was released? They added that option in at the last minute, but it still had a lot of problems (horrible performance and it was missing many effects). Reminds me of when I played through Deus Ex on my 200mhz computer.
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Default Re: Trip down memory lane - speaking of bad frame rates

Heh, i remember Deus Ex 1 w/ a Geforce DDR...I actually went out and bought a voodoo2 for this game so i could play it in glide..

Doom on 386SX has given me nightmares forever.
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