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Default Re: Rome Total War

Originally Posted by Subtestube
How much does the difficulty actually scale up as a matter of interest? I mean... easy is trivially easy... is normal a challenge at all? What about hard & very hard?
On hard/very hard the computer isn't as retarded in battles. They don't always stand close to your walls and get shot by arrows (just sometimes). Field battles are more interesting though, especially when they rush you.

The egyptians always had a full group of units, around 1500+ men in large scale. The masadonians would hit and run with their 300 deniari suicidal calvary. I thought it would be easy to overcome a bunch of spearmen/infantry with my archers and infantry, but it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes when you're outnumbered.

Its actually challenging to seige their towns in hardest difficulty. I had to seige a couple of mostly full Greek and Egyptian towns with high walls w/o onegers. Seiging against nothing but phalaxes gets very annoying (greeks). They actually send the right unit types to attack whatever I was sending through the doors. I even lost a couple of battles and had to load my previous game . If you had to go through the campaign w/o loading previous games after losing a big battle, it would be a much longer campaign.

I didn't notice much of a difference in campaign very hard, masadonia attacked me while I was off somewhere else doing a mission, I'm not sure if thats supposed to happen to the Brutii in normal though. I got attacked pretty randomly by Egypt and the snake guys later on (don't remember them by name).

I think the game would be more interesting if the selucids or the carthaginians lasted long enough to get war elephants but they usually get knocked off due to their poor starting position and weak starting units. Those two campaigns would be much more challenging to play on hard/hardest IMO b/c you start with inferior units and get attacked every-whichway.
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