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Default Second TFT (DFP) Blank in Twin View


I'm using a twinview config for the first time.

First my system

Home Built Linux distro kernel
x-org 6.8.1
Nvidia Driver 6.1.11


Pentium 4
Nvidia 5700
1.5 Gig RAM
1 Dell 1901 FP Connected Via VGA cable (left monitor)
1 Dell 1901 FP Connectee Via DVI Cable {no vga converter} (right monitor)

The files


these contain my x-org config and log files

The problem

I have configured my 2 TFT monitors in "twinview" mode. (see config for exact config)

When I am using the console both my monitors are on - but they both display the same screen (2 identical screens) This is not the problem, but this does prove both cards are wired up, and data is being passed to them

when I start X

my left hand (VGA) monitor shows half the Nvidia logo and the right monitor attempts to sync - then goes into power save mode. The Xserver is aware of the "big" screen as I can move windows off the first screen onto the second power save mode monitor

Reading some docs it appears this could be a problem with DPMS, therefore to test this I need to disable DPMS on both monitors

I have tried commenting out "Option "DPMS" but then it defaults to on

I've tried setting

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Monitor0"
VendorName "DELL"
ModelName "DELL 1901FP"
HorizSync 30 - 80
VertRefresh 56 - 76
Option "DPMS" "0"

But the log still shows it as loading the DPMS module

Is it likley DPMS is the problem here ?
How do I disable it in both monitors ?

Any help or advice appricaited.


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Default Re: Second TFT (DFP) Blank in Twin View

I believe the option to disable DPMS is

Option "NODPMS"
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