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Default Kingpin for Linux

Ok, so I was browsing around on the net, and it occured to me to take a look to see if Interstate 76 worked with Wine (Since it does not work in WinXP and I simply love that game). I found some site in German that said it does (well, at least they had screenshots of it, not sure if I understood the German correctly...) Anyhow, so I started looking around for my disk to the game, when I stumbled upon Kingpin. Then I recalled that Kingpin had a linux client! So I downloaded it and installed it without problems (using the Ravage installer at http://icculus.org/~ravage/kingpin/). But then when I ran the game, it complained that 'pics/colormap.pcx' was missing... so I installed it using wine, then it said the same thing there.... looked into the krpad directory, and there it was... so I copied that to the 'pics/colormap.pcx' under the main directory in the linux version, and then it went to load and crashed X. Then I thought maybe the GL libraries weren't linked right... and after all, it was trying to load the libTNGgl.so or lib3dfxgl.so.... so I moved those to a *.bak and then tried loading it up.... well, it flashes as if it's going to load, then I see the terminal window where it started from and the desktop shrunk to 640x480 and my mouse won't move, so I can't scroll up in Gnome-Terminal to see what errors displayed..... It did list all the features of the glx driver...

Any ideas?

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