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Unhappy Weird Doom3 and the renderer it uses..

If you look in your DoomConfig.cfg, you will see an option called 'r_renderer' and the value is "best". When I run doom3 (medium quality, 640x480*, noAA), it is sluggish, its at 10-15 fps.. A few days ago when I had WinXP on my system (for Doom3), i was getting well 35-45 fps..

My card is a GeforceFX5200 and so that is an NV34 right? I changed r_renderer to "nv34" and its still sluggish.. I changed it to NV20 and now its back to speed.

My question is why would Doom3 be soo sluggish on its default "r_renderer" setting when I had the same setting in WinXP a couple days back and it was faster..

Another thing I'm seeing is the 640x480 resolution.. I know what resolution looks like but when I run Doom3, it looks as if its on 512x384 but the options still say 640x480.. What is going on? Bugs in the port maybe? I think so, and I dont know.. What do you know? Any input about this would help, thanks!

Oh and cat /proc/driver/nvidia/agp shows me good info
Im using Nvidia AGP (tried AGPGART too), its on AGP 8x, FastWrites ON, SideBandAddressing ON

Glxinfo also detects my card and shows all the right info about it.
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Default Re: Weird Doom3 and the renderer it uses..

Setting the r_renderer to 'nv20' probably disables features in the game engine, causing it to render less and utilize older (and probably faster on your card) features. It is (afaik) like telling the engine "I'm old and slow.. not fast.. pretend I'm slow". If that is what is going on then the game would be faster. I'll experiment some with the setting on my FX5900xt (nv35) and see what I can, but I really expect my guess to be right.

If you do not have the 640x480 resolution in your X config the X server may refuse to use it.. meaning that something would be substituted when the game demands 640x480 (in my case 1280x960 was used, oddly enough). This may be what you're seeing here. If you do have it specifically added, then check your X log for mention of the mode being ignored or something being used instead.
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