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Default A Photoshop question...

I just have a simple question. What's the difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
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Basically Photoshop Elemets is a digital photo editing package.
You can enhance your photos, add some effects. You can import media from digital cameras, scanners etc.

It lacks a lot of features Photoshop has. Also Photoshop does not have all features Photoshop Elemets does (especially the ones that have to do with photo enhancing)
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just as imageready is geared towards making website buttonns/logos etc compared to photoshops more general features panazz

i think adobe did good in splitting it up a bit
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I would call Photoshop Elements "Photoshop LE." In the latest review of the software from Maximum PC, for most users, PE is more than adequate. It's like 80-85% of full-blown Photoshop at 1/6 the price.

If you're a designer/professional you would be best served with the full version, but if you're the everyday user, Elements will suit your needs just fine without the hit to the pocketbook.
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But PS7 is just so damn sexy!

I dunno, I've always used PS since 3.0, and I'm just used to it. I didn't like PE the couple times that I've used it (for whatever reason, it used to not have multiple undo--I mean, Holy Jeebus)... but I think that was back when it actually WAS Photoshop LE.
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It's Photoshop @ $99, most of the stuff they left out you won't really use anyway.
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