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Default The time is near!!!!

Restart steam and Half-Life 2 will update one more time.
Also check out http://www.halflife2.net

In the midst of rumours, reviews and even more rumours, we get into Half-Life 2's sixth pre-load phase. For the uninitiated of you, "pre-loading" is Valve's method of getting the game files to people so there isn't a mad rush upon release, and so the game is ready for people to play as soon as it's released. The sixth pre-load is currently serving out the map files of Half-Life 2, bringing us ever closer to a possible gold announcment. Here's the news item over at SteamPowered:

The sixth phase of the Half-Life 2 preload begins to Steam account holders today. This will allow users to download the Half-Life 2 maps in encrypted form. No purchase is required to pre-load Half-Life 2, but is required to activate the game. The moment the game is made available, those who have pre-loaded and purchased the game via Steam will be ready to start playing.

Half-Life 2 can be pre-ordered from Steam right now, and will open up the full version of Counter-Strike: Source immediately. Restart your Steam clients to receive the sixth preload.
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Default Re: The time is near!!!!

yep the time is near and now I have money to get the game after spending it all on my new GT, Doom3, and extra 512MB Ram
Yeah I use a Mac Mini now....
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Default Re: The time is near!!!!

For the uninitiated of you, "pre-loading" is Valve's method of getting the game files to people so there isn't a mad rush upon release
That's a laugh ...I've been stuck at 68% of pl6 for about 1 hour
At this dl rate I won't be playing until Sep "05" ..hehehe
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Default Re: The time is near!!!!

I've never had to wait a long time for HL2 to preload. I d/led and started playing CS:S in about 3 minutes max. Valve is being pretty smart about preloading. I can't wait for Valve/Steam to unlock my copy!!!!!!
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Default Re: The time is near!!!!

the new file Half Life 2 Base shared .gcf file contains more than just maps for HL2It also contains the client, server, and engine dll files among more sound files and some cutscenes in vcd format, And some files that have something to do with the AI in certain maps.
from steampowered.com
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