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Vladimir Ilitch
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Default [SuSe 9.1] install with RAID


I have problems during the installation of Linux SuSe 9.1, during config of my hard drives.

My config :

Athlon 3800 64bit, 2 HD RAID. Windows is installed. During the install of Windows, I had to insert the driver disk of Nvidia Nforce3. It was ok, my 2 HD are now 1, in stripping, 2x 70 Go = 140 Go. I have 2 partitions on the first disk.

Linux install :

Yast find those partitions :

/dev/hdi 69.2 Gb WD740GD-00FLA1 0 9038
/dev/hdi1 39.0 Gb Linux native 0 5098
/dev/hdi2 unknown Extended 5099 5098
/dev/hdk 69.2 Gb WD740GD-00FLA1 0 9038

So, 2 HD, 2 partitions Windows, one of 40 Gb (C and the "unknown" is a 20 Gb partition (D. So, 10 Gb on the first disk + 70 Gb on the second one are FREE.

But Yast don't detect the RAID config. I tried to install Linux on the second disk, without RAID, and all the system, included Windows, didn't start anymore.

If I try to config RAID in Yast install, I have to select 2 HD fot the RAID stripping. And I haven't 2 free HD.

I know the driver Nforce3 for Linux, but it's a .run archive, so I can't use it and I can't try it in Windows. And I didn't find any place during the install where I can insert a driver disk for the RAID. It never asked me.

Sorry for my english. But if you understand what I wrote, please help me !!


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