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Default F.E.A.R website/forums?

anyone know if F.E.A.R has a website yet or a forum?

1 of the best screens ive seen as of yet.

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Default Re: F.E.A.R website/forums?

great pic, I'm afraid they may overdo the particle effects, though...

This is the closest I could find to an official site:

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Default Re: F.E.A.R website/forums?

Saw this game at E3, It is gonna be KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: F.E.A.R website/forums?

It was soo gay though, the lil girl like walks by everyone and they all hickup and their necks break into a bloody pile of discombobulated Kill Bill-esk non-sense.

Okay, that is kinda dumb, even though the game looks awesome. I guess there really wasn't much explained about this "girl" and what the fark was going on in that building. Apparently all that was missing were the katana swords because there were people breaking limbs off and spraying blood ALL over the place.

Quite rediculous....lol
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Default Re: F.E.A.R website/forums?

Yes obviously the game prefers anal sex
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